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The gift of life

April 25, 2009
By Catherine BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
Catherine BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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If you could pick one of these choices which one would it be? Save some one’s life and not look perfect when you are buried or cremated, or let someone die, just so you can look perfect at your own funeral? I hope that you picked the first choice because this could be a decision your family could be faced with after you die. Organ donation is something I will always believe in with all my heart because when I was seven years old, my father passed away as he waited for a new heart. He could be here today if someone’s family had made the decision to donate his organs. Some people can donate and some people can’t. My dad was one of the people who couldn’t donate, because he was on so many medications so his organs weren’t healthy enough to donate. If you were in a car accident or another tragedy were you died instantly or before you could get medical help, you may possibly be able to donate and save someone’s life. I believe that you should automatically have to donate your organs after you die, unless the family has made it clear that they do not want to donate. Another reason less people donate is because doctors ask you if you would like to donate your loved ones organs, right after you find out that they passed away, so as you can imagine, it is not as easy for families to make the decision as you may think. For those of you who can drive, you can get a symbol on your drivers license, that tells the people forced with the difficult decision, that you would have wanted your organs donated. If you are not a driver, make sure to let it be known that you wanted your organs donated. Because you never know, you might just be saving a little girls daddy.

The author's comments:
all i want is that no other 7 yearold out there loses her father, so please tell anyone who will listen about this article.

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