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Disconnect to Connect

September 9, 2023
By _Khanaksharma_ BRONZE, Faridabad, Other
_Khanaksharma_ BRONZE, Faridabad, Other
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Smartphone, Computer, Technology. We have made our own reality, VIRTUAL REALITY.
The problem is not that we use technology, but it is that we live technology. In this 21st century, everything is done on electronic devices, but where's that family time? Remember, there used to be a time when people used to socialize, physically, face to face. How can someone have 200 friends on facebook, but not two real friends.
We need to crack the egg to feed ourselves. The same way, we need to disconnect from our devices to connect to reality. We're so dependent on technology, that for every teeny tiny information, we need to surf the internet or upload every detail of our life on the internet. When we look back upon our life, all we'll see is that we didn't spend time with the ones we loved but rather on a screen talking to bots and fake identities.
Books to e books, family to family chat groups, reality to virtual reality, emotions to emoticons, life has changed so much! Covid pandemic is coming to an end, but real pandemic has just began, people have become introverts who are always locked in their phone. The world has completed change, from the time 26 years back, when internet was developed.
When we disconnect, we can experience a way more direct and deep connection with others and ourselves. Let's remove the glasses of virtual reality and wear the glasses of actuality!

The author's comments:

The piece depicts the views of the write, Khanak Sharma, a 12th graded with extensive interest in the field of AI, technology, machine learning, innovation and more; on the current scenario of the world which recently came out an paranormal experience that locked and depended people on technology and screens. The world now being returned back to normal needs to be knowledged on disconnecting from their devices and savour the joys of real world.

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