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What life would be like without him.

July 12, 2009
By gabee_p SILVER, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
gabee_p SILVER, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
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Maybe as life goes on you tend to shut your eyes at what truely matters to you. If you had the chance would you open them again? Could you ever learn to love someone after having your heart torn so much. Yearn to scorn the very person who once held you with tender hands. Could you be stopped dead in your tracks by him ever again? Would he even go near those tracks? Of course not... He wants nothing to do with you! He doesn't care if your sad or depressed. He wants you to die! Keep you out of misery. Would you die for him if you loved him? Would you die by his hand? Of course you would! Don't lie to yourself just because your trying to forget, trying to move on. Let him take you way down. Further than your willing to go. Are you going to now? You are arn't you... Thats right listen to the voice you tried so desperatly to hide, it's the only thing you have left. No friends, no family, no love. Everything you had was ripped out from under you. Can't you see i'm all you have left! Theres no one here that can ever save you! Your all alone, and your all mine!

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