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September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Siblings are a curious thing. They pretend to hate you, but you know they donÕt.
There have always been two feuding siblings in my house. First, it was Raja and Sonya. Then I was born and it was Raja and I, versus Sonya. Then Raja left. Then it was Sonya versus me. Then Sonya left and it was me, versus the cat, Pepper.
ItÕs rather an intricate circle of hate. Raja hates Sonya because she is the perfect one and dad likes her best. Sonya hates Raja and I, because we have the freedom and no one expects anything from us. And I hate the cat because he gets to play at home while I get to school and do math.
But it isnÕt always that way.
I remembered how Raja always teased Sonya until she cried. But once Sonya hit her head and cried and how Raja picked her up and carried her all the way to the hospital.
Sonya pushed me into a brick fireplace and took me right to our mom, despite knowing there would be consequences.
Sometime when I think the boogie-man has returned, Pepper lies on my chest until I sleep.
I think these are the only people you have to deal with always and those that make you dislike that they are constantly in your space and stealing your thunder but in the end they are the only people who will love you and accept you unconditionally.

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