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Do it Yourself

September 25, 2007
By Anonymous

Mr. Hoy, my United States History teacher is eighth grade, told my class one thing I will never forget as I live on. He said, ‘I never assign school projects because not everyone does their work.’ It might sound like nothing but to me, it has meant so much more. It was the first time that a teacher ever said that to my class and for once, I appreciated it especially since I end up getting all the work. It also was something that changed me forever. Mr. Hoy taught me that it is better to do the work yourself which I have tried to do ever since because then I could get a grade I actually deserved. This made me a stronger student but also a stronger person. When I go places with friends, I drive myself because I know I will not drink but I cannot prevent my friends from drinking. I am better off getting in a car and driving myself home then getting in a car or become stranded with an intoxicated person.

I come across people who drink all through high school at parties to be cool but once they’re a senior, they think they can go to Cal Poly or Berkeley even though I have never had a drink and they have never picked up a text book. I have worked so hard to go to a good college and I would still not get into either school. I guess everyone’s brain functions differently and that’s why I do everything myself.

I trust myself. I trust myself to make my work look presentable as well as trying my hardest at any task at hand. You never know when your in a group what the other people are thinking but you know what you are. I’d rather work by myself because I know I will get my work done.

My friends, my parents, my school counselor, and my doctor constantly hear me talk about feeling like I am a twenty-seven year old living in a seventeen year old body because I take care of myself, follow my dreams, and I don’t let people interfere. I make rash decisions on my own. But one thing that I think everyone should know is that you have to live with yourself your whole life. It’s not like someone moving in with you because that person can leave at any time and your still there. You have to do what is best for yourself.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original." -Jessica Goodman

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