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My Bedroom

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

My bedroom is where I really call home. It is downstairs so my mom doesn’t bother me. I just moved down here after my 8th grade year, so I haven’t had a chance to paint it. My curtains to my window are like a neon rainbow. All over my walls are magazine pictures of random stuff that is kind of like me because I am really random. I have a bookshelf filled with magazines, fingernail polish, and a lot of other girl stuff. I have a TV, DVD, and a VCR player sitting on my blue night stand. On my dresser is my big mirror with pictures and notes from my friends. There is also jewelry and a stereo on it. My bed is only a twin size but I don’t really move when I sleep so it works perfectly. My comforter is hot pink, and me sheets are hot orange, green, yellow, and pink. On my bulletin board I have a whole bunch of soccer and basketball metals. I also have a lot of pictures and post cards hanging up there too, and I have a lot of lanyards. What’s also nice about living downstairs is that I have my own bathroom and it’s the biggest one in the house. I never have to worry about anyone messing with my stuff because no one ever goes in the basement. It’s also nice because when I have friends over I don’t have to worry about my parents bothering us or listening to anything we talk about. It’s very peaceful in my room because I can just sit in there and do my homework, or listen to music. The only bad thing about living downstairs is that the computers are all the way up stairs. They used to be downstairs until we got our newest one and my mom thought they should all be upstairs because she didn’t want me to be on them all night or something. Oh yeah I also have this giant pink fuzzy rug that covers a lot of my floor.
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