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Wake Me Up

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

What we had, we lost in the rain. The summer rain, as it fell from above, the tears of the heavens falling through the cloudy sky. We would leave each other again, never to be the same two people that we once were. You were going your way, and I was going mine. The only problem with that was that those paths were not together. They only crossed at certain points very briefly. Our childhood innocence, lost. Those summers that we shared together, playing outside in the yard during the day, and laying side by side during the night; gone forever.

It seems so long ago that we sat there, holding each other and crying into the night for him. He hurt us but it only made our connection and our love that we have for each other stronger. Seven years ago, you were 11 and I was 7, those were the hard times. They were the times when we never wanted to be separate or apart. For fear, for love, for sanity, for all these reasons we never wanted to be apart. Now I only have October to look forward to. Please, will you wake me up when September ends? So that I will no longer cry in the rain for our lost love?
Please, wake me up.

I hear the rain at night, pounding on my window, and on my heart. With every drop that falls from the night sky filled with stars, I can hear my heart tear open to all. As I stand soaking wet in my own pain, you held me. You told me it would all be okay when I said it was going to never be the same, you held me. You held me like you did so long ago, when I was too young to remember anything, but old enough to remember what had happened to our family. Shattered, you held me.

As the memories that we had together--the memories of summers past, family dining, family fighting--finally rest. Forever will they be in my heart; forever will you be in my head, standing there, together in the rain. I lost you but that doesn't mean I'll forget you, that doesn't mean for one minute that you're gone. You're just not here. Until October my love. Until then can we finally show what our love is. To the entire world, for all to see. So please, wake me up when September ends.
The summer has left once again, to go back into the huddles of the dawn. The morning that says that fall is upon us once again. With those orange and yellow rays, we are lost. Wake me up, please.

One thing was over as the other began, and we rejoiced it. We rejoiced the time that we had together, the entire spring to be together at last. Together forever, in our minds. But that time was ripped away, with one call of duty, with one act for a life that I was sure that wasn't going to be mine. The spring began, as the last days of our child hood began, bright with the morning and afternoons. And the summer ended, as the days of our final childhood came to a close, dark with the coming of a grey winter, and dark with the coming of the night.

In the rain, I see you. I can feel you again, I can hold you again, until the cloudy skies above leave me in the sunlight once again, and I have you. Drenched in my own tears, formed in the heavens, I stand in my pain. Now is the time of finding who we are, together, or separate.

The memories never leave me, never escaping my head. They haunt me night and day, never will you not be there. Everything I had was yours as well, you are mine, and you are not. You will be mine in heart, but you are mine no longer.

The summer is gone, and so are you. I changed, and so have you. We are different people once again, but forever the same. Our innocence gone. So please, will you wake me up when September ends?

You will forever be with me, holding me, telling me it will all be okay. Forever, my love, my twin, my sister, my saint. Huddled together in the warmth of childhood, will we forever lay.
Wake me up,
wake me up,
wake me up,
when you come home again.

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