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It Matters

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Some people say friends come and go, but that’s not always true. Friends are the best thing in the world. They lift you up when you’re feeling down. It’s true that some friends are back stabbers or not loyal but when you find a good friend, they will be there forever.
My best friend is Dalton. I’ve known him since fourth grade. We used to hate each other but we’ve put everything behind and become the best of friends. I will always be there for him and I know he will do the same for me.
What you need to learn is that you never let anyone get in the way of you and your best friend. What your best friend says really matters. If they are really your friend they know what is right for you. There’s been a few times when Dalton and I have gotten into fight but we’ve learned it’s always over stupid stuff and usually get over it pretty fast. Fighting with a best friend is worthless. No one ever wins; normally someone just caves in because you can’t live without each other.
I feel like best friends are more important than family at times. Family members don’t understand everything and most things you can’t tell your family. Your friends always know when you’re dating the wrong person and who is good enough for you as well. Dalton hasn’t liked most of my ex boyfriend. I’ve listened to him on most of them and found that he was right about overall.
You always have to make sure your best friend likes who your dating because most of the time they see right through the lies that your significant other’s have told. I’m glad to say that I’ve finally found Bryson and all of my friends like him including Dalton. I’ve realized that if Dalton likes him, he must be a good guy. If others don’t they aren’t really my friend I guess. What matters is your true friends, people that you can’t live without. That’s all that ever matters.

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