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A Simpler Time

November 28, 2007
By Anonymous

A Simpler Time

The other day, I was sitting there at the table waging a huge war; for every futile attack I made, the counter attack was like a sucker punch to the brain. After twenty minutes or so of this torture passed, I finally admitted defeat, and shut my calculus book. So as I was sitting there feeling defeated, I started to think about how much more evolved high school is. From the classes, to all of the drama, high school is a death trap for the meek and slight of heart. So that, in turn, got me thinking about how much fun school used to be, like back when we were in elementary school.

Back in grade school, you could go to school, in just one classroom (less walking) which is always good, and hang out with your BFF (Best Friend Forever) all day. Actually, I should say BFFTM (Best Friend For The Moment). But at any rate, no one cared what you wore, who you talked to, and you didn’t get ridiculed for the times you got it wrong when you raised your hand. And I’m speaking of course about grades k-2. 5th grade was an emotional rollercoaster due to kids discovering that they have these things called hormones, or better known as, “that tingly feeling you get when Sally talks to you.” Hormones were the cure to the cootie disease. The discovery of the opposite sex, in my opinion, is what sparked the evolution of this simpler time.
But I digress; back in kindergarten your only prerogative was to get the apple juice before everyone else so you weren’t stuck with the gross cranberry juice. Oh and nap time was the best part of your day, right after recess. It was easier on your brain as well; all you had to do was look at the picture and count how many apples Johnny has, rather than solve for the integral, or anti-derivative of the cosine squared of the angle alpha. No thank you.
I suppose, though, that as your schooling evolves, you do as well. Adapting to the change is what keeps it interesting. And challenges are good, even though there are days when you feel like tearing your hair out. Overall, whenever I start to miss being that young and naïve, I’ll just remind myself that at least I can drive now. And they can’t. Suckers.

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