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Why can't you understand?

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Why can't you understand?

Why do you care so much about what I believe? Why won’t you just understand? Why can’t I believe what I want to believe and you can believe what you want to believe? But for some reason, everybody cares. No one understands. No one should care that much, especially if I’m not trying to change what they believe.
I’m fine with what you believe; I don’t think you are wrong. Everyone has different beliefs so live with it.
If you asked me what my religion was, I would say Christian. But if you asked me what my beliefs were, I would say Unity.
Unity. My belief. Unity is more of a spirituality than a religious belief. Unity is primarily based on Christianity but you do not have to be Christian to have Unity’s Beliefs.
We believe that heaven and hell are not geographical locations but states of consciousness. We teach everyday spiritual growth and understanding. We don’t think that our way is right and everyone else’s way is wrong. We believe that there is one God that goes by many different names and that there are many different paths that you can take to get to God.
I celebrate Christmas and Easter, I still believe in Jesus as Christ and God. Just because my beliefs are different from yours, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give me a chance.
I’m open to hearing what you believe. But only if you are open to hearing what I believe. I think that different beliefs and religions are interesting and I only hope that you would think the same. So why do you care so much? Why won’t you just understand?

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