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Shadows in the dark

December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

Shadows in the dark

My eyes burn with remorse, the thought of this hatred aggravates me. My heart pounds at my throat while contemplating the unknown reason why these girls display such a horrific animosity. I feel as if I'm frozen yet my heart pounds treacherously. The heat elevates to a degree I cannot control. These powerful feelings pierce my hopefulness that leaves me with disappointment.
We sit back and watch these acts of hatred being committed and yet we do not feel any responsibility to stop these wrongful doings. It seems as if we forget that all if takes is for one person to stand up to make a difference. Nothing in this world is going to change unless you speak your mind, unless you make the problem known. It scares me that we are oblivious to the most obvious events in life that we seem to take for granted.

Its as if we ignore problems that we witness, in effort to erase the problem from our memory. I notice selfish people with selfish intentions. Its frustrating to not understand why people consider them selves better or more important that any one else in the world. The world is one big puzzle; each and every one of us is a segment, a minuet piece that makes the puzzle a whole. Yet we are blind, blind to the face that we are here to give love, to be loved and to make others feel their best. My sole is filled with abomination due to the fact that we don’t see how badly we treat others, how treating them with such disrespect brings us emotional blue.

We are here on earth only for so long. I cannot stress enough to live each day, as it’s your last. We have all heard this before and yet we still do not abide by it. We leave countless people with the feeling of worthlessness, sometimes without even realizing it. What happens when one day you wake up regretting your whole life, regretting how you have treated others in your past? What happens then? Do we change how we live and apologize? Is it to late for an apology? Will we even regret it, or will we still be blind?

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