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This I believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

This I Believe

Have you ever been in a situation were you had to depend on someone else to help you? Well I have plenty of times and it’s nice to know that people are there for you. I believe that you can depend on others to help you, and they should be able to depend on you.
I know that I can depend on others to be there to help me. For instants every once in a while ill be running late in the morning and my mom is already gone to work and I’ll miss the bus. A couple of weeks ago I was brushing my teeth and running late to school and the bus came. I had to choose to either find a ride or walk to school and it is over an hour walk to the school. If I would have missed school I would be in so much trouble. So I had to ask my friend TJ for a ride to school, and this wasn’t the first time this had happened. I do this at least once a month and I can always count on him to be there when I need a ride to school. So I called him and he came and picked me up.
I know I can count on friends, but how about family? Last year me and my dad got into and argument about me not coming and seeing him enough. I told that I had a life and friends to be with, and I couldn’t be with him all the time. After about 10 or 15 more minutes of fighting I told him I would just never come and see him again. So I called my mom and told her to come get me and when she got there she tried to talk to me about it but I was too sad and angry. I didn’t talk to him or see him for over 9 months. The entire time my mom tried to talk to me about it and eventually it worked, I got over it. She told me that if I can get mad at her and get over it, I can get mad at anyone and get over it. Trust me I get mad at her all the time! So this story shows me that my family will be there when I’m down and they can bring me back up.
Know that I know I can depend on others, can they depend on me? When it comes to friends I’ll be there for them. When Trent had to go to court I was there for him. He had to go to court because on Easter day he name was given to the cops because some kid had ran onto a Pizza Hut car when it was stopped. But that couldn’t have happened because I was with him that day. I woke up that morning and did my thing with my family and then I went to Trent’s house because he got a new football game and we were going to play it. So at the court they asked me like what we did that day and we told them but they didn’t believe us. They changed the date that the crime happened three times so they didn’t even now when it really happened. They said it happened the day of Easter and both days before that. They eventually stuck with Easter day. They said it happened at like 4:00 P.M but that wasn’t possible because by that time Trent had gone to his grandma’s house. They also said the day of the crime that the cops took him home but there records never showed him being taken home that day. But they still didn’t believe us so he got in trouble and had to pay for the car. But this shows that I can and will be there for my friends.
So in the end people will always be there for you and you will be there for you. Just like TJ was there to give me a ride to school. You should be there for your friends and family.

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