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High School

May 13, 2010
By Caitlin Amann BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Caitlin Amann BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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High schools a blur. Eighth grade summer looking forward to freshmen year of high school. Freshmen orientation, you’re anxious but nervous. You see all new classmates and some you’ve known from grade school. You’re with your mom rummaging through the tables of paperwork heading into the library for their first high school ID. She gets emotional, “Aww, my babys growing up so fast!” Embarrassing. You get your ID and think, “Man that looks horrible.” But the truth is everyone tends to have a bad school picture. You get over it.
A week or so goes by and it’s off to Wal-Mart for hundreds of dollars of school supplies, most of them you never end up needing. Pencils, binders, loose leaf paper, ball point pens; black and red, erasers, sharpies, folders, and the list goes on and on.
The last day of summer comes and you head to your closet to pick out your first day of school outfit. You want people to notice you, and you want to fit in. Just as you open your closet and take a couple minutes to look through everything you find disappointment. When you went summer school shopping you bought a bunch of different outfits, however; you didn’t think to match the clothes you got to actually form an outfit. Fantastic. You finally pick out a cute pair of blue jean shorts and a lime green t-shirt. You lay that out on a chair along with jewelry.
The next day comes you wake up an hour earlier than normal just to take your time to look great. Everything seems to go wrong. You hairs too frizzy, your eyes have big black circles under and are bloodshot from the lack of sleep, you don’t feel like your clothes look as good as they did the night before, and so on. It’s a girl’s thing. We can all relate. Your sister knocks on the bathroom door screaming at you to get out, which happens on a daily basis. Your dash out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. You down a pop tart as you run out the door.
You get to school. You wish you would’ve walked through school during orientation and found your classes. You’re lost. You go up to an older classmen and ask for help. They look at you like you’re an alien that just landed on earth. Okay let’s try this again. You walk up to what looks like a teacher. Yep…you’re wrong she’s just a very large sophomore. Great I manage to embarrass myself once again. “RING.” Crap…that was the bell. I look around…FINALLY, room 215 English. Whoa, sign of relief.
As I run into the room late. I find a seat in the back of the room. You can already see people starting to get to no each other and people that do already no each other. For me, I’m just sitting in the back of the room I don’t see anyone I know. The people look just the way I had expected. It’s like it had been right out of the movie Mean Girls. The popular girls wore pink, with their coach handbags, and caked on makeup. They talked to the preppy guys who wore polo’s and kakis. The athletes were in one corner. The edgier looking kids; the skaters, they sat all the way in the back. They looked intimidating. They wore tight jeans, band t-shirts, but mostly black everything. Some had died hair. Then there were the obvious nerds. They had there heads buried into the piles of books on their desks. There seemed like there was about five different cliques in the room. The obnoxious popular girls, preppy guys, skaters, nerds, and then there was me. I don’t know were I stand. I’m not sure if I want to be in any of those categories. I guess I’m just me. I’m my own group.

After days went by I started forming my own group. Then weeks went by and the groups were almost completely formed, and then a couple years. Its now my first day of senior year. I still have my same group of friends; we don’t really call our group anything special like the other groups do. We are just content the way we are.
We sit down at lunch and watch the new incoming freshmen walk into the cafeteria. Every year after our freshmen year we did this. It felt like our freshmen year again only we were watching other people live it. There were the popular kids, the jocks, the nerds, the band geeks, the theater people, skaters, and so much more.
Every generation seems to be changing, there are more and more groups being added. This is typical. This is what high school is all about. It’s all about finding your group. You have ups and downs. You get in good friendships and bad. You get into fights and arguments. But when you find the right friends your set for high school; the challenge of finding your group is the hardest part.

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on Jul. 19 2010 at 7:40 pm
ButterflyGirl1313 PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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This was amazing. I'm so surprises that no one else has commented. I am currently going into ninth grade and I start school soon. I was really nervous and freaked out about starting high school but then i read this and i was like "oh my god she is so right!" Everything you said, every emotion you described, it's all what Im going through right now. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one in the world that feels or felt this way. Keep writing.