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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever needed someone to talk to through hard times? Well I know I can relate to that. I have been through many hard times where no one was there for me. I believe that friendship is needed to be successful in life.
I have had many times where my friends say they will be there but they aren’t. Whenever I need a friend I go to my bestie Sarah Johnston. She is the one person who knows everything about me. She is the one I go to when I need to talk about things I can’t talk to my family about. I can go to Sarah when i’m in any kind of mood, sad, depressed, happy, you name it she knows it. I’m also here for her too. Me and her sure know how to have fun together. You really need friends to help guide you.
The friends don’t stop at just talking they go on and on. Sarah and I have this friend named Danielle. As soon as Danielle got a boyfriend all the troubles started. Danielle was always hanging out with her boyfriend and wouldn’t take anytime out to hang out with me and Sarah. After Danielle stopped coming over me and Sarah sure found out who the ones are that we can trust and who we can’t rely on. A time that we couldn’t rely on her was when Sarah’s family found out about a whole bunch of stuff that happened, she called Danielle and asked if she would come over. You can only guess what Danielle’s response was, “I’m with my boyfriend so I can’t right now.” I thought she was supposed to be a good friend and be there for her. I was at my grandmas house with one of my friends. I took my friend home and went to be with Sarah. Talk about true friends. That was a time when I had to be a true friend.
Friends comfort you when you need them to. “Stop yelling at me!” My family and I were going through some hard times. Everyone in the household was mad at me. I couldn’t do anything right. They said do the dishes, I do them and they don’t all fit. Get them in there, wash them by hand! Every little thing I did it was “Joanna it’s all your fault!” I couldn’t take it no more. I could have ran away that day and never came back. I just went stomping out the door like I was going to jail for murder! I walked straight over to Sarah's to just get away from that mad house. I told her about everything that had happened that day. She calmed me down and put me in a better mood. Sarah just talked me through the day and said “Hey you got the evening ahead lets go have some fun!” “I said sounds like a plan to me.” I recently found out who my true besties for life are. The ones I cant live without.
Those are my stories of how I found out friends were needed. I believe that to be successful you need friends. I found out who my friends are for sure. I am sure my friends now will be the ones I run to till the end. Find your true besties and run to them for help also

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