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August 26, 2010
By AngelicaM BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
AngelicaM BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
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Beauty. We all want to feel beautiful. Often, we think that makeup and designer clothes will make us feel pretty; however, this is not true beauty. True beauty is being brave enough to have fun, regardless of what others may think. A truly beautiful person shows her true colors. A beautiful person is delighted to help others. Beauty is revealed through kind actions.
Beauty does not fade with age. My grandmother is beautiful. Beauty is showing love. My cousin getting married is beautiful. Beauty is a thankful heart. My newborn cousin is beautiful. Beauty shines from someone's heart and soul, illuminating the world, and making it happier for everyone.

The author's comments:
Most of us sometimes worry about makeup and clothes, trying to look our best. I wrote this to remind others that kindness will make anyone beautiful!

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