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Too Much?

January 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Too Much?
Do we put to much pressure on our celebrities? I would say, yes. We
wonder why we have so many celebrities doing drugs, becoming
alcoholics, and other such activities. But we don't probably think
about is our part in the problem. Yes, I will be the first to admit
some celebrities do things just because they can, but do others do
things because we pressure them so much? Are they merely trying to
find an outlet? I would like to use Britney Spears as an example.
Many articles and celebrity newscasts have been dedicated to her
weight whether she is "fat" or "too skinny". Did this send her over
the edge? Every time celebrities leave the house they are picked
apart as everyone expects perfection from them, and every action they
do must also be “perfect”. And why do we have such an obsession with
celebrities? Yes they are talented and so called "beautiful",
"handsome", and/or "perfect", but then we always end up playing up
their bad points.
I would like to say one thing, we are all human! We must recognize
that perfection cannot be acquired no matter how hard you try, you are
bound to have some "imperfections". This also applies to celebrities.
I think we should idolize them all we want, (and from afar) but do we
really need to follow everything they do? What happened to "All men
created equal"? Or what about our freedoms? We have them, so why do
we insist on dressing as one? Why must we conform like Barbie dolls?
And the definition of beautiful, who came up with it? Did one man
just wake up and decide what he wanted in a women and everyone followed his example?
Most like yes. Same with women, who decided which man is better
looking? And who says strength requires muscles? Why do we insist of
defining perfect and trying to press this onto the very people we
idolize? So, put down the remote, and back away from the celebrity gossip!
I want to end with one last statement, which is, feed the
models! After a recent poll of guys on the bus, not one model was actually found attractive in the “fashion” magazines. This included models/women from Teen Vogue and Lucky, as well as some other magazines. Women need to stop thinking that men find these women attractive, because they don’t! Most were actually completely disgusted by the women, while others said they looked, “plastic”, which they do. We are human, we have flaws, but we are all perfect in our own way, and we really need to start realizing that.

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on Aug. 5 2008 at 4:59 pm
Oh, my, god. You are so right on with this. So many people criticize and judge the celebrities. The press are like sharks waiting for one of them to fall off of their yachts. It is, frankly, disgusting.

maybe they're like that, analyzing and picking apart the lives of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, because they are dissatisfied with their own lives?

Or maybe they are simply thrilled at the prospect of one of the stars in the sky tripping up and blow it out of proportion.

Whatever the reason, I agree. People are people, no matter how well known or wealthy. Leave them alone.