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The Ties That Bond Us

January 5, 2008
By BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The Ties That Bond Us

It’s a day like any other, and as I get off the bus feeling angsty and not in the mood to smile at all, I figure it’s just going to be another bleak school day. I turn the corner to go to the auditorium, and then I see her. There she is, surrounded by an almost angelic glow. She stands casually talking to her friend, totally oblivious to my mood completely changing from depressed to delighted. She is my best friend Grace, who I rush up to and hug so hard it’s almost throttling. She moans in agony at such a forceful reunion, as she doesn’t really like to be hugged as hard as I hug people. I release her and show my total exuberance at seeing her, for being on different teams we hardly ever get to see each other. I start chattering away, as does she, all the way down to the auditorium, and even though we aren’t suppose to talk in the auditorium, we do anyway. I don’t ever want to be separated from her, because she is my mood uplifter, my secret-keeper, and my guardian angel that saves me from the deep pit of depression.

The first time I met Grace was on the first day of 5th grade, which turned out to be the best school year of my life. While everyone was just sitting at their desks waiting for something to do, I noticed a girl with the same exact bright pink messenger bag that I had. I was a little surprised, but I guess that’s what happened when you jump on deals at Wal-Mart. I also noticed she was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which had came out the previous summer and I had read it with great enthusiasm. I knew right away we’d have things to talk about, and when recess came I promptly acquainted myself with her. That first day could have racked me with anxiety and stress had it not been for Grace and the characteristics we shared. Throughout the year we talked about all the things we both liked, including Harry Potter because we were excited about the fourth movie which was coming out that winter. We also talked about cats, books, life, and the list is seemingly never-ending. We became so close in that one year I felt like I knew Grace my whole life, and now can talk to Grace better than anyone I know. Those were great times that I miss dearly, but manage to live without, because Grace is there to help me move on.

As my tumultuous first year of middle school was coming to an end, I was planning on doing as much as possible with my friends that summer. Grace and I had been separated into different teams during 6th grade because I was in band and she was in orchestra. I hadn’t had a class with her since 5th grade, and was ready to live my summer to the fullest with her. Lucky for us the next movie of our favorite movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, was coming out on the last day of school, so Grace and I planned and prepared for what would be the greatest movie experience of our life. We ate popcorn and candy and giggled at funny parts and gasped at the scary parts and talked more than we should have. The movie was as fantastic as I thought it would be, and it was so great that I got to see it with Grace. It was also sort of a going-away event, because Grace would be leaving to see family in South Korea in June and would be gone for a good while. We bonded and drew closer to each other than ever before, spending more time at that one movie outing than what had accumulated throughout 6th grade. I will always look back on that event as the most glorious first day of summer I have yet to experience.

We were once again separated by teams in 7th grade, but managed to squeeze some time in together now and again, and she also managed to teach me lessons in the process, unbeknownst to her. One such particular instance was on a Tuesday in October, and I was bored with no homework to finish and nothing to do. I suddenly remembered Grace’s first orchestra concert of the year was that night, and phoned her to see if I could come. I was relieved to know I could, and that Grace’s mom would even be so generous to pick me up and take me to the concert with Grace. I arrived there excited to see how the concert would go, having only heard Grace perform her cello once. Then the lights in the auditorium dimmed, Mr. Ruth said some things about what they were going to play, and they began to play. I was so engrossed in their performance I hardly noticed anything else. The way Grace played so confidently and smoothly struck me like a storm. I was inspired like never before, just to know someone my age could play so well. I was sad when the concert was over, but as soon as I got home I began to practice my clarinet avidly and determinedly. I’m still inspired by Grace’s skill even today, and with her help am working to prove my musical worth to the ones who it means the most to.

At present Grace and I are closer than ever before, and it’s highly unlikely that will change. In fact, I’ll work towards making sure it won’t change! We plan on going to high school together, and even though that plan could fall through, it feels great just to have a plan. Grace is the backbone to my happiness, and is also my Achilles heel, in a good way. She’s been there for me when I’ve felt the loneliest, and I’ve been there for her when she wasn’t feeling good about herself. I hope to keep Grace a part of my life as long as I can, because we’ve stood strong through trials and tribulations, and we’re ready to go through more! Grace had been my true friend when I’ve been played by people who I thought were my friends, and that means the world to me. She truly is a bit a heaven on Earth.

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