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You left your dreams behind

January 7, 2008
By Anonymous

You left your dreams behind
You lost your mind
Just to get high
You tell your life goodbye
You steal from you family and blame your friends
One day you break down and wish it would end
Your heart will die just to get high
And you realize your life is a big lie
Your fifth teen minutes of fame
Has brought you to shame
You say just one time
You say you won’t be like that guy
As you sit in your misery and get high
Now you’re down to your last beat
As you roll up in your sheets
As you sit in your death
With your best friend crystal meth
So, close your eyes, when you are so confused
And maybe some one will come and save you

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on Aug. 7 2011 at 4:46 am
blindangel12321 BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
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Im really greatful you wrote this. I am a drug addict, and have recently tried crystal meth about a month ago. Although I was addicted to other drugs, I always told myself that I would NEVER get addicted to meth. However, unfortunatly I was stupid enough to try it just the once and have been using it daily for a month. My life had already been destroyed drasticaly by my addiction to other drugs, but since starting the meth I have already lost even my own family parents, been evicted, living homeless. I beleive this short poem you have written was able to capture that part of me and I must admit this poem has moved something inside of me. I am high right now (I always am now) and it is rare for me to be able to truely relate too or feel any emotion from anything. But your poem was able to do that for me. Very VERY well done!