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2008 Presidential Election

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

2008 Presidential Election

2008 is the year that the United States will vote for the next president of the country. The candidates on the democratic side are Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Maurice Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, and Bill Richardson. However, recent news has said that Maurice Gravel and Dennis Kucinich have both taken themselves out of the election. On the republican side, the major candidates are Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and, Fred Thompson. Each side has very strong candidates. Yet, only one from the democratic and republican side will make it through from the caucuses and primaries.

Hillary Clinton is the first female to make it this far. She is one of the most respected ladies in America right now. That is because she is a very hard worker, is the senator from New York, and is married to Bill Clinton making her a former first lady. She is on the democratic side. One of Hillary’s strongest opponents is John Edwards. John Edwards ran in 2004 as vice president, but sadly, he lost. He was the senator from North Carolina and lies on the democratic side. Barack Obama is another very strong competitor. He is the first African American to make it this far. He is the senator from Illinois and currently the only African American in the senate. The next democratic candidate is Bill Richardson. He is currently the governor of New Mexico. He used to be the United States Representative, Ambassador to the United Nations. These are the main democratic candidates.

Rudolph Giuliani, also known as Rudy Giuliani, was the mayor of New York City. He also used to be a lawyer. Giuliani is a republican candidate. Another strong contender is Mike Huckabee. Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. He is a republican candidate. John McCain was the senator from Arizona. He also was in the Navy and was a war prisoner He is now running as a candidate on the republican side. Ronald Paul, also known as Ron Paul, is a republican candidate. He is also a congressional representative from Texas. Another candidate he is running against is Mitt Romney. Romney was the governor of Massachusetts. He was also a businessman and politician from Michigan. He is running as a republican. Fred Thompson is another republican candidate. He has been a politician and lawyer. He was the United States senator from Tennessee. These are the main republican candidates.

So far this year there has only been a few primaries/caucuses. That is where you vote for the candidate from both the republican and democratic side. If there are the most votes for that person then they will make it on to where it is only one person from each party. Then out of those two, there will be another vote and whoever receives the most votes will become the president of the United States. Iowa and New Hampshire are the only states that have done their primary/caucuses yet. Iowa’s results on the democratic side were Obama leading at 38%, Edwards at second with 30%, Clinton in third with only one percentage lower then Edwards. Richardson had the least votes out of the four, with only 4%. The republican results were Huckabee in first with 34%, Romney in second with 25%, next were both Thompson and McCain with 13%, and with 10% was Paul while Giuliani had 4%. The New Hampshire results for the democrats was Clinton in first with 39%, in second was Obama with 37%, Edwards was in third with 17%, and Richardson received 5%. The republican results were McCain in the lead with 37%, second again was Romney with 32%, next Huckabee with 11%, Giuliani with 9%, Paul had 8%, and Thompson with 1%. There are still forty-eight states left to go.

Everyone still has a huge chance in the primary. Many people have different thoughts about each candidate. All of the primary/caucuses will end by June. The final election to decide the president is in November. The president elected will be our forty-fourth president. Each president has a huge responsibility. They must take care of and protect the United States. Who knows who our next president will be?
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