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Life’s Awe Inspiring Ability

January 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Life’s Awe Inspiring Ability

Life. How can one small word inspire so much awe in so many people? What could anyone possibly learn from it? The fact is, every single sensation you experience such as taste, smell, pain, love, hate, passion, humiliation and pride is taught to you by the tenured professor that is life. Life has taught me many valuable lessons. I have learned to always try my hardest and never give up, to treat others with kindness and the same kindness will be returned to me and to not judge anyone when I first meet them. The keys to happiness are discovered when living by these values.

When you try your hardest, you can only succeed. I try my hardest at everything I do and it pays off almost all of the time. I play football and when I first started playing, I was awful. The fact that I was awful lit a fire under me and it made me strive to be better. I worked myself to the bone everyday at practice and now I’m at least twice as good as I was a year ago and I’m only getting better. Practice always pays off in the end.

I also try to treat all my friends with respect and kindness. Of course I tease with my friends, but I would never do anything to intentionally hurt their feelings. Showing respect to your friends and your elders makes everyone else want to treat you with the respect. When everyone respects each other, the world becomes a happier place.

My final lesson that I have learned in life, is that you should never judge anyone by their outward appearance or their status in a clique. More than half of my friends are people that I would never have imagined being friends with. I do not judge people by how they look or act in public but by how they act when they are around me. I could care less if they were the most mean people in the world in public. If they are someone who makes me feel good and respects me as a person, I will respect them.

Life only gets better with age. Your physical being may age, but your mental age will always stay the same. Living by the rules above will ultimately lead to happiness. When life is happy, Everything is perfect. If everyone lives in happiness, the world will be a better place.

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