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January 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I have a question for all of you? Can you put your self in some ones shoes for two minuets? People need to be able to trust people closet to them. People need to be a little nicer not to kill murderer climate suicide. One thing I know is the world has good and bad in it. But it doesn’t mean we can kill or climate suicide. Like when I was little I thought the world would be better off with out me and no one would miss me. But now I know I was wrong but now that I look back it’s pretty weird and not so nice because I have friends a boyfriend. So if you think life is bad look a orphan, and kids on the street’s with dizzies. We live in a house with heat, clothing, and food. We should be thankful for what we have. Be thankful for what you and I have

People say didn’t you say I could say I could trust you?

Trust it is some thing that takes time. To find friends that you can trust and can tell all your secrets to. The reason I said didn’t I could trust you is because of Jeff.

You don’t know how it feels. Put your self in some ones shoes who lives on the streets.

All the broken harted people. People who have lost there family, friends, people you love if you have think if you dident how would it feel think about it.

It shouldn’t be this hard. People who have a bad life they say its to hard like I said in the beginning kids out on the streets have no home no parents, food, clothing, warmth, or a house like we do.

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