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family and friends

February 17, 2008
By Anonymous

What matters the most to me? well there is alot that matters to me, but the most imporatant thing is my family and friends. My mom and dad are not married anymore and it sucks, but she remarried to a good stepdad. Their love for me and everything that the ydo for me i couldn't ask for more. Also, My wonderful boy for over a year has been a real big thing in my life. His family treats me like one of their own kids and the way that he treats me is amazing. My real dad lives in another state so i can't see him that much, but i talk to him and we keep in close touch. I have been through so much in my life and just to know who really cares for me is a great thing to know. I was raped, abused, out of control, but since i had the people who ment everything to me stay by my side and help me through it all i am now a b average student and i have relized that my family and friends are the best thing in my life and don't forget to believe in yourself and in others.

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