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Beautiful Gibberish

February 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Beautiful Gibberish

I am a english-speaking american who only minutely understands spanish and french. Yet, I listen to every type of music you can think of. I listen to German, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, and Japanese. People aske me all the time, "Why do you listen to music you can't understand?" My answer is simple, I can understand it. I may not know the words or be aibled to speak the language but, I can feel it. Music doesn't have a barrier like other forms of communication. You can feel the heart- wrenching melody of a ballad or the pent up fury of a rock song even if it's not in a language that you understand. Music is... universal. Without music I would be lost. Music makes you feel rebellious, peaceful, religious, and extraordinary. Music is life.

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on Apr. 29 2011 at 6:52 pm
Cette_Q. SILVER, LaVista, Nebraska
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I think this is a wonderful article.  It's great to see that other people can listen to music from all over, also, and enjoy it regardless of where it originated.


Like you, I listen to music of all types.  I find that, although certain styles may be more common in certain areas, generally, the music is all very unique.  I think that if people could be more open with music, they would find songs that they like regardless of the language it's performed in.  But I do understand why people find it difficult to do, especially if they focus particularly on the lyrics of a song rather than the instruments or the mood.