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That "special place"

February 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyone has that special place they feel anything can happen. Everyone has a dream kept inside, hoping that one day, that dream will come alive. My dream is simple, I want to live. Life for me is always based around three things: family, friends, and school. Never has it occured to me that it could be so much more, until now. I've come to realize that, I want to accomplish things. Not just ordinary things that everyone "wants" to achieve. I have led myself to believe that if I say I can, and I have the will power, I can do anything. I am prepared to push myself beyond my limits, to me impossible is nothing. Impossible won't make the cut in my life. Impossible is just a word that floats back and forth, in and out of teenage minds, telling us that we can't. I have used that word so many times in regards to my future. Now, I'm stepping up and telling myself, it's possible. I'm shooting for perfection.

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