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What Happened to Families?

December 6, 2011
By Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
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"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

One thing people take for granted are their families. You know the people who are supposed to love you no matter how stupid you are or what crazy things you've done. Over the years, the term family has become unrecognizable, blurred. So has the meaning of "family." Families are supposed to communicate, to help each other when things get hard. To lend each other money when jobs are hard to find, to be there for each other when the road is paved in nothing but speed bumps and pot holes. If the children have to help their parents through hard times, so be it. You shouldn't have to force it out of someone, you should give everything you have willingly, because it's your family. There once was a time where families came together every Sunday, traveling many miles to do so, and the keeper of the house would make elaborate meals to feed them all. What happened to our family? To having each other's back? To defending your kin? It's a crazy world we live in now, so don't turn your back on your family, keep them close to your hearts and know that they are all you've got in this insane world.

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