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What's Your Deal?

December 9, 2011
By happyinnocence GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
happyinnocence GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

People in this world grow into the negative habit of hurting others. They make sure they suffer. Then, they see nothing wrong with it and lie when they get into trouble. So what’s the deal? Will you stand up for yourself or not? But, this is for those who decide to hurt others.
Why will you let the world crumble at its feet in fear of you? In fear of you? Nobody fears you. Oh trust me on this. Only you fear you. Confused about this matter? Good. Do you think you’re so amazing when you hurt others? Well, please go ahead and don’t. What may seem like a tiny sneer or joke to you may cost a life of this world to be gone. Life is a precious thing, why would you want one to take it away? Are you that cold-hearted? Did the devil set inside your heart and decide to rip out all the lovely things about you and replace it with nothing. No need to get crazy over the truth of what I’m telling you. Just tell me honestly, why do you hurt them? What did they do? Oh, let me guess. They bumped into you in the hallway at school and now you’re going to destroy them? How about, they looked your way. Maybe it’s because the way they dress or part their hair? Give me a break people. They are just like you if you tried to understand them.

And to those letting all of them bring you down. We all know what it’s like. Your biggest wishes are broken down and tossed out the window. You know you did nothing. Please, oh please, don’t blame yourself for these horrible things upon you. The world grew into a mess of toxication with the thing that people must hate on others. They decide they need to bring others down to feel great about them. This is the stupidest thing.
You’re not just caterpillars that can’t grow. Grow into who you are. Show them that they can’t push you around. And that’s because, nobody can. You are you, and don’t change who you are. You are amazing in every single way. They can try to push you down, but show no mercy.
The bullying is nothing but a grain of sand on a beach. You step over it with every action. It’s not hard work for your body to send messages from your brain to step over the tiny bump. You are going to bloom into that beautiful butterfly. If you dare let anybody tear off your wings, don’t even let them 10 feet near you. You think they are powerful, but they are anything but that.
Shoot for the stars. All the bullies in this world won’t ever make it as far as you do. It’s your life. Don’t let people just map it out for you. Or are you just too scared to take your own risks? Don’t be.

The author's comments:
don't let them get to you.

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