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"Just Friends"

March 8, 2012
By reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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The words are harder than you’d imagine to choke out. Because sometimes defining something so abruptly changes a friendship—changes a relationship that you might not be ready to let go of. But in any friendship, whether it’s more or not, honesty is the best policy, right? So why is it so hard to convince yourself that being honest is the right thing to do?
Perhaps we hold on to our friendships because it’s all we have—sometimes, the only thing keeping us going is the constant reminder that someone pays attention to your existence, or because we’re too afraid to hurt the person who cares about us the most. Relationships aren’t easy—sometimes, we’re going to break each others’ hearts. Life would be so easy if we just fell—hopelessly, together. If there were only one person, guaranteed to hold our heart. But where would the fun be in that?
Sometimes we make mistakes. We blur the line between friendship and more, half trying to convince ourselves that it’ll work out, and half hoping that the other person is standing at the exact same point as us. But there are times when the blurred line becomes too much—eventually, someone falls. And it’s not always the same, but at some point, some time, someone considers what it would be like to cross the line.
After all, we pick our friends because we like them. So someone’s guaranteed to fall, right? And maybe that’s alright. Because sometimes, the other falls back. That’s how relationships work. But what happens when the friendship tries to strive afterwards? When they tried and it failed, but one can’t let go? Is it time to pack up, move on? Or should we continue to be friends, hoping that one day, we’ll feel the same about each other?
And what are we supposed to do when we still feel the attraction, but the relationship doesn’t work? When one is willing to succumb to the other, to put their constant hopes aside to be there for the other?
Relationships aren’t easy. They take time and work and care and concern. It’s easy to shatter them. Easy to take one step too many, or one to few. It’s easy to get lost, to completely lose everything you’ve ever known.
Are we all simply doomed?

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