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Butterfly Kisses

March 2, 2008
By Anonymous

“You should not touch the butterflies, but if one lands on you, you should consider your self very lucky. It is said that if a butterfly ever lands on you then you should have good luck for the rest of your life.” These were the soft yet strong words that came out of our tour guider's mouth. My second grade class and I were just about to enter the most exciting part of another boring field trip to another boring museum; we were about to enter the butterfly room. I remember looking at that lady with her uniform on and thinking it must just be her job to tell us that. Nothing ever exciting happens to me.

My thoughts were interrupted though as I was swept up into the crowd of anxious second graders and into what seemed like another world, a better world, a magical world, a world full of butterflies. The room was humid and my hideous gold school shirt stuck to me like a second skin, but it felt oddly comfortable. I turned in awe, if I had a long beautiful flowing dress on it would have been a scene straight out of a Disney Princess movie. All around me butterflies danced. Caterpillars slept tightly in their cocoons dreaming of the day they would break free and fly with beauty and grace. The flowers and plants that lined the walls seemed to be singing to me, happiness dripping off of every petal. Even the watermelon that was placed on dishes through out the crowded, but cozy room seemed amazing. Euphoria set in and I was no longer human. I was like a butterfly; I was flying and for once, in what seemed like forever, I was happy. It was just me and the butterflies. No more pain over the death of my beloved Pop- Pop. No more problems. No more worrying. Peace. I felt like I was meant to be here. That from now on I would be a changed person. That doesn't sound like something a second grader would think, but I had been forced to grow up fast and see the evil that lived in the world. There, in that butterfly room though, I also saw the good. I wanted to stay there forever, but of course nothing lasts forever. With that in mind I began to shuffle my sorrowful self out into the lightened darkness of the real world, when I felt the slightest tickle on my arm. I looked down and to my amazement there sat a dazzling butterfly. I had been kissed by a butterfly.

Walking out of that butterfly room, I was in a daze. That place had given me a miracle, no matter how small it may have seemed. From then on I thought I was going to have good luck. As time went on, I began to wonder if I was going to win a “ Bumble bee” drawing (a reward system at my elementary school where if we behaved we got a piece of paper and put it into a box. If our name was picked we got a prize) or a basket at a Chinese auction. Of course, these things rarely happened and I started to feel foolish for ever believing that having a butterfly land on me would really bring me good luck. I soon completely dismissed the idea of good luck altogether and put all the thoughts of ever having any in the back of my mind.

Those “Good Luck” thoughts stayed there in the back of my mind until recently when I started thinking about how good I have it. I might not win every prize or every game. I might not be the smartest or the prettiest. I might not have any luck at all in little things like those, but when I look at the big picture, the things that really matter, I might as well be the luckiest girl alive. I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and other than the occasional cold, I am in perfect health, but most of all I have exceptionally amazing family and friends. Combined, they have helped place a good head on my shoulders and a loving heart into my soul. They have taught me the true meaning of good luck. The true meaning of butterfly kisses.

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