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March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I began playing the trumpet in the fifth grade, and as soon as I started I found an immediate love and passion for music. Since then, I have continued to pursue music and enjoy it more and more all the time. I like playing and listening to music of any kind, and it fascinates me because it is unique, amusing, and beautiful. It provides not only a way of passing time while in the car on a long road trip but also a way to connect with other people without using words. This is what music is about.

Throughout my music career I have had some ups and downs, and what I've learned from them will be beneficial when I begin teaching students. After not making the All-State Band my sophomore and junior year, I learned that sometimes you must continue to put forth effort to achieve what you want. When I finally made the ensemble this year, I realized the benefits of working hard. As a teacher, life lessons like this will be things I can someday share with my students.

I enjoy leadership roles. I have been a drum major for three years in our marching band and have participated in jazz band, pit orchestra, pep band, symphony orchestra and solo and small ensembles. I've learned that leadership is not a task of brute force but a task of generosity and caring about others.

As I look ahead to college, something that is most appealing to me is how enjoyable my classes, ensembles, and performances will be. I am confident that the next four years of my life will be rewarding as I spend time learning more about the art of music. While I find passion playing and listening to music, my ultimate goal is to share my love for music with students in the classroom. This would take my love of music to a whole new level.

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