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Skinning Animals

March 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Killing animals ruthlessly is out of the question. Why would people want to kill animals for their fur an skin? Ok I might not raise this question in lases like island because their is scarcity of cloth and people have to kill wolves for their meat and fur.

But in countries like India and other Asian countries, people kill animals like cows. India is one of the largest leather distrubuters and that is why cattle and cows have to suffer agonising deaths.

Peta India have said on their website that good and healthy cows and cattle should not be slaughtered because they give good milk, but they kill them for nothing but the leather!

Even if the cows are in good condition, creepingly the slaughterers would poison them or beat themm up till it is proven that they are fit for slaughtering and that's how clothes, purses and luggage items reach their respective stores.

This is a small extract and descripion from Peta India:

"Buying leather directly supports the misery of the slaughterhouse. Statistics from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Council for Leather Exports conclude the value of leather exports from India is 10 times more than the value of its meat exports, and with India as one of the largest leather manufacturers in the world, cows and other cattle suffer cruel slaughter just for their skins.

Believe it or not, India's treatment of cows is among the cruelest in the world. Since it is illegal to kill healthy, young cattle, they are often deliberately maimed. Their legs may be broken or they may be poisoned so that they can be declared fit for slaughter, not that too many slaughterhouse workers care. We have seen healthy calves and still productive milk cows openly killed.

Cattle are tied together with ropes through their noses and beaten mercilessly in forced "death marches" over hundreds of kilometers. They are also transported in appalling conditions, crammed on top of each other into lorries in the searing Indian heat. They cannot help but crush one another and suffer and they die hideous deaths from suffocation and wounds. The lorries careen at breakneck speeds along bumpy dirt and gravel roads and down mountain passes, pitching the cows around and causing more injury and death.

During the marches, cattle collapse from hunger, exhaustion, injury and despair. Handlers force them along by snapping their tails at each joint and rubbing tobacco, chilies and salt into their eyes. Each snap brings pain analogous to that of breaking a finger. They are never offered food or even as much as a drop of water.

By the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse, some animals are dead and many are so sick and injured that they must be dragged inside, again with no concern for their feelings and pain. A closer look at the animals still conscious reveals sheer terror and betrayal, their short fur stands on end. Once inside, their throats are slit in front of other watching and waiting cattle. Some have their legs hacked off while still conscious or suffer the agony of being skinned alive. Pigs are often killed by way of iron rods being forced through their bodies."

Exotic animals such as alligators, water snakes and crocodiles are killed for their expensive and rare skin.
Same thing for the whales too.

Whaling in eastern countries was banned since the 19's but there still have been illegal whaling going on.

Cruelty to all these animals is a very very atrocious act to commit.

All these killings and slaughterings happen in front of the public, broadcasting on televisions far and wide, and I always kee wondering that how can people not say a phrase against these people???

"Exotic" animals such as alligators are factory farmed for their skins. Ranched alligators are kept in tiny structures, with up to 600 inhabiting one building, which reek of rancid meat, alligator waste and stagnant water. Although alligators may naturally live up to 60 years, on farms they are usually butchered before their fourth birthday.

Alligators on farms are often beaten with hammers and sometimes take up to two hours to die. Snakes and lizards are often skinned alive because of the widespread belief that live flaying imparts suppleness to the finished leather. Kid goats may be boiled alive to make kid gloves, and the skins of unborn calves and lambs—some purposely aborted, others from slaughtered pregnant cows and ewes-are considered especially "luxurious".

According to recent international press reports, in one province in Thailand, dogs are rounded up and crushed, more than 50 at a time, into a lorry for five days without food or water, only to become "briefcases, car seat covers, trimmings on a fancy coat or ironically, fancy rawhide chews for pampered "pet" dogs".

Each month, 30,000 dogs suffer the same fate, with their hides being exported internationally. The consumer is largely unaware of these products' origin, as the seller uses cover labels such as "lamb", "calf" or "goatskin". The labels will never say "dog"; however, it is not technically illegal to sell or import dog fur, even in the European Union."

Some people here in India must have ransacked the whole cattle market and guess what, they even make up as much leather as they can even by killing unborn cattle!! Simply hysterical.
People should be laughing at this and trying to stop these terrible acts.

But no, we are gonna just sit there in our cosy sofas made of leather and lie down on our leather carpets, making the most of our free time, lazing around with a sweet yam in our mouth and not get up and take action unless
it gets snatched away from our mouths!

And now for another huge problem,
the environment! When leather is cleaned and washed, chemicals are used for the washing and cleaning and th waste is dumped in rivers and seas, and hat harms marine life. Toxic gases and chemicals are released and they harm us, the oxygen we breathe and the trees which give us oxygen.

When poor vilagers have to drink contaminated water, it causes numerous diseases and furthermore, they cause cancers, food poisoning and also kill the wildlife who drink the water.

C'mon guys! You know there is a problem here! Would you jut sit and watch? Or come together and help?
It is all in our hands!We can stop these terrible acts and make a difference! We can spread out the message high and low! We can make a difference.

It's not that hard to find expensive, non-leather items, is it? These items are stylish and totally free of animal-suffering. Just about anuwhere you can find top brands and accessories which don't have leather in them.

My only request to all of you who have read my article, is that stop all cruelty in this world, especially this one, because it is for the good of animals, they do have a right to live ad prosper!

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