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April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Before my life was in shatters. I grew distant from my family. I didn’t know why I really was. Everyday I would ask myself “who am I , what purpose do I serve.”

My pain started when I fell into a depression when I was a little kid. The reason that caused this was because I never had any friends. I would always be trying to show off for other people trying to make friends but nobody ever listen to me. I just thought I was a geek or something and that’s why they didn’t ever hanged out with me. Everyday at school I would see kids that were friends gossiping or just hanging out, laughing, everything that I wanted to do. I would ask myself why did I have to be smart. So in trying to make friends I would not do my homework and other stuff to make me fail my classes but still it didn’t work.

The more the time passed the more I felt depressed. I have never really experienced having friends. So I started doing stuff that wasn’t appropriate for my age to be doing. It was at that time that there was a gang of the most popular kids that started noticing me. They thought it was cool what I was doing. So they joined me up in their gang. I have never experienced having friends and at first I thought it was cool but then I started feeling different. I noticed I wasn’t being myself when I hanged out with them and that made me feel even more bad.

Then at that time a girl named Anaid moved from Mexico and she started talking to me. I was surprised at first. She had a choice of who she would hang out with. Me or the “gang”. You can guess who she picked. I would asked myself why she would be hanging out with me then with the popular kids. S As the days passed , I started hanging out with her then with the “gang”. More and more we started becoming best friends. I had finally experienced having friends and it felt good.

Before I met Anaid I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t know the meaning of life and she taught me that. She taught me lots of things like it was okay to be smart and that it was god’s wasted talent if I wasn’t being me. That I could be anything that I wanted to be all I had to do was work toward it and never, never quit.

I can’t undo the damage I have done to others and myself. I can’t have the trust that my parents once gave me but at least as the days pass by I’m getting their trust little by little. If Anaid have never came into my life then I probably would be doing stuff that I knew was wrong. Now that I have people that I’m proud to say that they’re my friends I feel like a new person and I owe it to my best friend Anaid.

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