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April 5, 2012
By Rebecca Schoolcraft SILVER, Lyndonviile, New York
Rebecca Schoolcraft SILVER, Lyndonviile, New York
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Life is one of the hardest things. You don't know who your true friends are sometimes. But at the same time you're ready to take on anything. People say things that bring you down, all you have to do is not let it bother you. We are just like glass; Breakable. But life goes on. We have too move on. Change is what affects us the most. We may break but someone is always there for you. We are shaped by the light we let through us. Somethings are like oil and water they don't mix, but other things can attract like magnets. We're people we make mistakes, it's a part of life. There's things in life that take your breath away and that's why we should live each and everyday to the absolute fullest. Nothing shall ever stop you, just keep going. There's going to be hurdles in life but you just got to jump over them. Always keep going with your head up high and don't be afraid.

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