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Is this what you want?

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

It’s like the Holocaust all over again:
as I walk through the lunch room
I look out into the internment camp
typical, Stereotyped lunch tables

The jocks and their girlfriends
and next to them the sluts
and on the outside all around
the Nerds, weird people, Goths, and Emos

But why does it have to be like that?
Do we all want to be under the rule of a “Hitler”?
Starved to death,
forced to group innocent people

Whether you want to believe it or not,
we are all human beings,
we all have emotions
that run deep down inside

And to think that one little word
could force a person
to take their life
because of how you judged them

Is it really worth it?
All the pain you put them through
of thinking they are strange
because of the label you gave them

The next time you go to judge,
just think if it were you
would you want to be the one,
to be labeled as something you know you’re not?

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