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Everyone Judges

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Who decides who is popular? Who decides who isn’t? This is a question I have yet to discover; and I’ve been in high school for four years. Looking at everyone for who they are; not what they’ve done, or who they hang out with. I’d have to say no one decides who is and isn’t popular.
People are excluded from groups (cliques) in which they don’t associate with, and also included in the groups in which they do associate with. People associate with the others that share qualities and hobbies; they don’t keep an open mind and take the time to get to know one another. Are people not giving one another a chance? Are they too quick to judge before they know who they are?
Recently my teacher did a project “make a seating chart of the cafeteria”; those were the only instructions that were given. People were offended because of the names other people were giving them without even giving them a chance, but why? Was it the truth? Or were people judging one another without taking the time to get to know each other?
In my opinion, people usually give themselves their names, although rumors do help. People spread rumors because they have nothing else to talk about. Their lives are too boring and talking about someone else’s life would be easier and wouldn’t have an affect on their life. People know what they are doing and how it will affect others, but they continue to talk. It helps others with their self-esteem, makes them feel higher when they are putting someone else down. The people talking about it aren’t offended until they are the topic of someone else’s conversations. What happened to treating others as you want to be treated? People are too caught up with drama and everyone’s lives. There’s something about knowing what’s going on with everyone that gets people interested.
Everyone has judged. I’ll admit that I have. Some students walk around with their heads down. People try and talk to them, but they have been excluded for majority of their lives. They don’t think they deserve the attention they may be getting. They push you away; some feel sorry for themselves. These are the type of people who give themselves their names. People don’t like to talk to people that continuously are putting them self down. What do you say when you try so hard to bring them back up, and they don’t listen?
Other people brag about everything they’ve done, but are offended when someone who isn’t in their clique says it. When girls brag about what they’ve done, they are giving them self that name. Does that mean its ok to call them names? No. But, there are ways to avoid this. There are some cliques that don’t offend people. Guys or girls that play sports aren’t offended when they are called jocks; it’s what they enjoy doing. But, why do people have to group everyone? Someone may play sports, but also be in the chess club. But, if that were to be the case, would they be considered “cool” because they are in a sport and they are just good at chess?
It isn’t fair to judge people before you know who they are based on whom they hang out with or what they do, can’t they be known for themselves and what makes them an individual or different from everyone else?

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