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The Destruction and the Despair of Violence

May 30, 2008
By Anonymous

There are many things that have made this world such a dangerous place, but there is one thing that is really affecting our world. That one thing is violence. Violence has caused my uncle to lose his arm in a war, death to two of my uncles and aunts, and many other things. But all I want to say is violence is wrong!

Violence is caused by many things. The main reason that so many people turn to violence is because of home issues. Many people do not have a male or female figure in their life to guide you and show you what you are supposed to do as a man or a woman when you grow up. Then they notice other people act as they grow up (especially when they are in a very bad neighborhood) they think it is the right thing to do as a grown-up. Then when you stick with it, as when you get kids, they will act to violence when they grow up, and it will go on and on. To prevent that, it seems just too simple, just stop doing violence. But there are lots of people in gangs and doing drugs so often, that it seems just to hard to stop.

Drugs are a main problem. Many people get peer- pressured to take drugs. That can interfere with your brain, and make you act to violence. There also may be a situation when you may not have any parents home, and you host a party. Something may go wrong, and there may be a fight and many people may go to juvenile. So even though violence has not affected my life, I know what I should do, never start violence?

But how do you stop violence? It’s the only way to solve things, and the whole world wouldn’t just listen to me, a 12 year-old boy. If all the non-violent people would write a petition, we can take it one step at a time, and maybe we can stop violence. Anything can happen. We can try to make drugs illegal, or at least try to make it mandatory to go to church. We can at least try. Violence isn’t the way, love is. So why don’t we try harder to make our world a better place?

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