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April 14, 2015
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There are so many opportunities for students in schools but almost none for aspiring writers. There are only a few classes like “creative writing” but none for students interested in the world of Journalism.  There are many benefits for students like how the paper would be an outlet for aspiring writers to express their passion.

The drawbacks with a student run newspaper is time limitations because student newspaper would be written and edited by students so the time would be limited with all of the other student responsibilities but time limitations would prepare students for deadlines of a real world job in any type of publication. Time limitation would not be hard to overcome if the students have a strong leadership and work hard.

The benefits of a school paper would be the experience the students get, students get to explore different part and aspects of a paper either its being a writer, an editor, or a photographer.  Having a paper would help students by giving them an experience with time management as well as growing as a writer and as an individual. A school newspaper wouldn’t even have to be just the important news students should stay updated with or the latest news in sports but can also be a place for creative articles that give students the experience of coming up with a story, conducting interviews and doing research. This could also be used to spotlight students or staff that should be recognized for outstanding achievements. 

Along with all of that is that a study conducted in 2008 showed a link between students that are involved with a school newspaper and them getting better grades, better testing scores and do better in the first year of college compared to someone not involved with Journalism. Even with there being a slight difference in the point average you can still see the benefits can’t be denied.

Journalism is important and schools should do more to give students the opportunity to be involved with journalism.  The evidence is clear and the reasons are true.

The author's comments:

I decided to start a school paper but had to bring it up to the school and get it approved. The idea was approved and will be starting in the new school year. 

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