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Finding a Bit About Me

June 14, 2015
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Favorite Quote:
"only you can start a change you want"

Dear Reader,

My multigenre project is about my life and what I feel is true, my project revolves around the idea that humanity is coming to a fall and that we have to be strong to change the world together. Through out my life i've gone through so much and from it i've grown stronger. I wouldn't take away the hurt i've been through because I know without it I wouldn't be able to grow into the person I am supposed to be.

My favorite piece of this project was the life credo because it made you think because not many of us think about what we believe in, through that piece you had to really think deep into what you believe.  On the other hand the hardest piece for me to write was the news article because in the future I want to be the one writing the articles not the one being written about. It was hard to think about where I will be in ten years because I’m always growing and in ten years I could be doing something I never dreamed of doing.


What I learned about myself through doing this project was that I want to make a change in the world no matter how small it is. I also learned a new way of writing, the different genres that we had to do i didn’t know existed. I learned more about the way I write and the way I think. I learned through the essay that other people out there have the same thoughts and views on the world that I do.

I hope you as the reader enjoy reading my work and maybe learn a little about yourself through learning about me.


Research Essay


Humanity: Noun; ¨1. all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind. 2. the quality or condition of being human; human nature. 3. the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.¨  The word humanity is always seen as being human and the quality of being human like the kindness, regret and empathy we as humans can show but through the world we live in being human and showing guilt or kindness is seen as weak or uncool. Humanity is changing and we as humans are letting humanity change. The society we live in is brainwashing the world into thinking that things are true that are simply lies and the changes in humanity can be changed if the word stood up and showed the truth within the lies of society and the lies of humanity.

In society today we are all being brainwashed whether you are to believe it to be true or not. ¨Many find the idea of mass brainwashing hard to believe, but it’s really not. The brain and our consciousness is highly programmable. The way we perceive reality is directly correlated to the reality we create.¨  the ¨reality¨ that we perceive is controlled by the media, as humans we look for the truth but we don't know the truth because the truth is constantly being covered up so that we continue to be brainwashed. Many large corporations like food, drink, and drug companies do everything they can to hide and cover up facts or ideas that threaten their money, research has brought the shocking truth like a investigation conducted by Charles Seife ¨The FDA is the agency put in charge of regulating the safety of all food and prescription drugs that go on sale in the US. But it turns out that when their inspections find examples of scientific misconduct in clinical trials - for example, the kind that proves whether or not a drug is safe - they don't just keep it secret, they actually cover it up, as Charles Seife, a science writer and professor of journalism at NYU, has revealed.¨.  The FDA is supposed to regulate and protect us but they cover up facts. Brainwashing happens not only through the covering up of facts but also through the TV, newspapers, magazines, and movies. We get shown through TV and other media how we are supposed to act and what we are supposed to think is true “We’ve also been programmed with the idea of how to be, how to act, and what to do in certain situations. This type of programming has taken us away from our soul’s voice, our heart, and our ability to be our true self.”. You can’t be yourself if you're being shown the way you are supposed to act or told what your aloud to think. Humanity is changing because we can’t see or be what we need to see or be.

The changes in Humanity affect every aspect of our lives and not just our brains and minds but everyone. We can change the word together as humans because if we don’t humanity could potentially fade away as if it never existed, yes humans would still live on but what it means to be human won't be “we are all coming to the realization of oneness. That’s what we are: one human race. Imagine a race united in knowing instead of separated by belief systems. Someone once said that the mind works best like a parachute, when it is open!” basicly what the quote is saying is that we are all one race, we are all humans and to make a change we have to remember that but we also have to remain open minded together as well as work together. A change always starts with an idea and a group of people standing together to make the change happen.

“in the end one must come to realize the basic building block for global change starts with us, humanity on a collective level, together.”  everyone has to realize that we can change the world, most people don’t think that they could ever change the world even if they tried but the truth is that anyone can make a change even if it is small. Humanity has such an incredible meaning and we need to remember that if humanity is lost than the good change in the world goes with it. Lets not only fight for a change but fight for humanity. Humanity: Noun; ¨1. all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind. 2. the quality or condition of being human; human nature. 3. the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.¨

Life Credo
I believe that all humans have good in them but that some people don’t let that good show.
I believe that there is no heaven or hell, that all the good no matter how small goes to a better place and that we leave our pain and hurt on earth when we die.
I believe that the only people who can change the world are the people that step away from society and the believe in something more for people not just themselves. ( Teachers, artists, philosophers, writers, doctors)
I believe that people don’t change they only become what they were going to be no matter how long it takes them to find themselves.
I believe in finding someone that you fall in love with.
I believe in equality.
I believe music, art and writers can change the world when they show what they truly think or feel.
I believe that society is changing the definition of humanity.
I believe that animals should be treated kindly because we as humans are animals.
I believe that humans have forgotten that we are all a part of the animal kingdom and that we don’t own the world because we think we are better than all animals.
I believe that if their is a god out there he would not judge anyone because he made them the way they are for a reason.
I believe that you can never be too old to learn something new.
I believe babies show what humanity should mean.
I believe that technology brings people together but also rips people apart.
I believe that health should matter more than profit.
I believe that money is simply money and has no true value.
I believe eyes say more than words.
I believe what you do is more important than what you say because you can say one thing and do another.
I believe all living things can hurt even if logic says otherwise.
I believe that in life you go through things that make you stronger and you have to live through them to because who you were meant to be.

The girl with the smile
has much to hide.

She is a girl with the eyes
that glow with lies.

She is a girl with no hope
going on without pride.

The girl with the smile
could no longer hide.

The girl with the eyes
no longer wished to cry because of the lies.

The girl with some hope
became stronger as the days passed by.

The girl with the smile
now shines brighter than the sky.


This poem is about a point in my life where it felt like my world was crashing down and I felt like I was falling but maybe I was flying. I learned through what happend with me that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I now am a better me and I no longer want to hide what I am thinking or feeling, I wish to be honest with not only the people around me but also myself. I never want to fall again and I know I will be okay no matter what the world throws at me because I can go higher than any hurt and can fly through all the pain. I wish that the world could see that even through pain and hurt there is good on the other side of the wall we all build. Tearing that wall down set me free and now I really do shine brighter than the sky.



Me: “ David, come here I need to talk to you about something before you leave to dads.”
David: “What is it, aren't you going to dad’s house with me?”
Me: “No David, I’m going to tell dad that I don’t want to come over again or see him any more?”
David: “ Why? What's wrong with going over there?”
Me: “I can’t go over there knowing Dad is going to hurt you to get to me. Dad can’t say anything to hurt me any more, the only thing he can do is hurt you or Preston.”
David: “It's okay Abby I know you don't like being over there.
Me: ” Are you going to be okay over there without me?”
David:” I think so but it won't be as fun.”
Me:” I know you'll be okay without me because Dad loves you more than any of us kids and I've fought long enough. I want you to understand that I have to do this, I can’t be around someone who constantly puts me down. I just want to make sure you don't get upset when I tell him because I know you don't like fighting or mean things being said.”
David: “I get it. You have to do what you have to do, you should be happy.”
Me:” Go get your things together, Dad should be here any minute.”

When my Dad arrived I walked outside.

Me: “I'm not coming over any more. You can pick and chose when you want us kids around. I don’t want to sit in my room every day because of the words I know you will say. I'm done with the fights you start, you lost Brittany and me, you need to think about why your kids keep leaving.”
Dad: “ I’m not going to fight with you, do what you want.”

That was the last conversation I had with my Father, I normally say father unless I’m talking with david because my “dad” was never a dad, he never did anything to show that he cared about me or any of my siblings. It felt so good to finally get away after years of trying to, my mom was more upset about the whole thing than I was. I felt free. This conversation between me and my little brother and me and my father was meaningful because it was the day I felt like I got my life back, I’m so much happier than I was being stuck in a house with him.


Being around my Father made everything worse for me but I’m so much stronger now being away with him.  Going through the hurt that I did being around him made me so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. I’m becoming the person I was meant to be by holding on tight and getting through good times as well as the bad times.

News Article
A young writer starts a movement. Abigail has continuously her voice heard in the world. She showed the expressing your voice could make a real change. Abigail fights for a change in the way we see the world, she has shown over and over again that the truth in humanity is scary and that we all should ban together as one team to show what it really means to be human. Abigail is up for many awards and is speaking all over the world to many people, she is sharing a thought that is making a movement in the world, people all over are looking to spread what she has had to say. She has been speaking up against the hate that has been filling this world and is fighting for the world to stop war and to become one together because we are all truly fighting for survival but we can’t survive if we continue to fight and kill one another.

Along with the movement Abigail is up for a Nobel Peace Prize in honor of her work and her fight for humanity. Abigail has been looking forward and has been going along this path since she was younger, she always wished to share what she believed with others and is now truly doing what she has always wished to do.  Abigail is one of the youngest in the running ever for this amazing prize and has won many other awards for her outstanding work. She has been truly showing what it means to be leader and what it means to be human because she is fighting for not one set of people but for everyone in this place we call home. She encourages children and adults of all ages to start a change that the want to see, she says not to give up and to always remember to stay on your feet. “Remember that to make a change happen you first have to be the one to show the change and be that change”.

The author's comments:

This was a school project that was made for students to not only learn about new ways of writing but also to learn about then selves.

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