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Love yourself; not cows!

February 7, 2009
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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We all have someone special that we love, whether they love us back or not. But whether It's true love or just a "secret admirer" type of relationship, we all must love ourselves first and foremost. If we don't indeed love ourselves, we begin to loose our confidence and the strength that makes us who we really are. The problem with learning about who you are, and ready to become, Is that sometimes It lies In the hands of others and you don't even notice. For example, someone might have bought you a cow stuffed animal as a get well gift. Then a few months later someone gets you a matching cow stuffed animal with a red velvet heart for Valentines day. Then your goofy friends give you a "got milk" cup and a matching shirt for your birthday. Before you know It, you go from not caring too much about cows to a maniac cow-collector! But why? Because other people gave them to you, therefore It leaves you with no choice but to hold the title of "the girl who collects cows". Basically, people will try to tell you who you are before they even know much about you. But watch out! Changes throughout your life bring more time to mold into who you're becoming, and If you listen to people before you even know who you are, this could cause confusion. In this day and age, people will go to great lengths to "fit in" and to change themselves to become more like others. But what everyone Is missing, Is the divine beauty and uniqueness of our individualities. People might say that you aren't smart or that you aren't thin enough. Maybe you just aren't "cool" enough to fit into the group of jocks who do think they are cool. Well, as stupid as It may sound, we begin to actually believe these things that people say. But just because a few people give you a cow stuffed animal, doesn't mean that you need to become a collector. And for a future reference, knowing your limits, expectations and loving yourself is top priority before approaching a good, well-balanced relationship with that special someone. God created all of us In His image, so unique and has plans to prosper each and every one of us. Just remember, you can never go wrong with falling In love with yourself. And always watch for the cows that LIE up ahead.

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