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Be Aware: Stop The Hurt

February 27, 2009
By robrobrobin11 BRONZE, Concord, New Hampshire
robrobrobin11 BRONZE, Concord, New Hampshire
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I once was just a normal kid who played sports, had lots of friends and did well in school. That's not me anymore. RSD changed my life. I am truly a different person because of it. Through it I met great people. It's made me less ignorant and showed me the importance of being open minded. I've learned that no matter what you should fight for your beliefs. I will always do that. I believe that RSD doesn't have to be living hell. If people become more aware and keep fighting for a cure, there's only so much you can do by yourself but together we can conquer this horrific 'thing'.
Most of the general population has never heard of RSD. Doctors too, have often never heard of it so misdiagnosis is common. If doctors become more aware, maybe RSD suffers won't spend so much time suffering 'in the dark.' Living with excruciating pain that you can't explain, is unimaginable to any one who hasn't experienced it. RSD is normally triggered by an injury; pain becomes disproportionate to the injury and doesn't go away. This alone is a huge deal to anyone. To be in pain and not know why or to have people not believe the pain is real makes it worse.
Stress often worsens the pain of sufferers of this disease. People's lack of awareness causes them to question whether your pain is real. This clearly causes stress. You have people telling you your REAL pain is all in your head. I know at least for me, it makes you question it yourself. You become crazy. You're in the worse pain imaginable (often ranked higher than the pain of cancer patients) and no one believes you. It makes you feel like you can't interact with other people normally without 'being punished' with torturous pain caused by the stress it brings.
If people were more aware, finding empathy wouldn't be causing pain. Patients wouldn't be stressing over trying to get answers, trying to find people 'like them. They wouldn't be clinging to the internet, which although it's forever misleading them it's all they've got. Digging for acceptance wouldn't be as hard or necessary. There could be more worldwide support groups activated/made known. These amazing people (RSDers as they're often called), wouldn't feel all alone. They wouldn't be. They shouldn't be.
If the public was more aware patients would have a brighter outlook. They'd be able to more easily contact the millions of others within the US that have this syndrome. They'd get an answer without living in pain/insanity for months or years. It would stop a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding. Although unless you have RSD you can never truly understand, sympathy would be greatly appreciated. Not pity, not misunderstanding, embracing that wow I understand that I can never understand, no one deserves this awful disease.
Unawareness shouldn't be further worsening pain. That's why I, just a fifteen year old girl, am determined. By taking the disease I have and making people more aware I will be a part of something much bigger than me. RSD awareness will change lives. Changing lives, it will be a pretty good feeling.

The author's comments:
RSD had changed my life and I want to be able to change lives because of it. My writing has been greatly influenced by it and my goal is to get the word out to the world about this awful disease and help everyone I can.

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