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November 7, 2017
lifeishardbutbeautiful SILVER, Amanda, Ohio
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There was an article was actually very helpful to me. It makes me look at the struggles that I have had make me stronger and even just who I am. Not even just the struggles in school but in life too. The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” seems to be super cliche but it is so true, even if it hurts at the beginning it feels better. The thing that surprised me is that a lot of Asian educators are worried that their students aren’t creative enough. The art that a lot of young Asian people create amazes me because I want to be able to create. The struggle has always had a bad connotation, just because of the pain that comes with it. Pain is the part that is bad not the struggle. That is what is the difference between the east and the west is that pain is an evil thing that we don’t want because we are too privileged to understand that it is a good thing. Yeah, it hurts but nothing good comes easy so yes struggle is good. It keeps you going and teaches you what real life is like because nothing good in real life comes without a lot of work. When you have the guts to face down a struggle or a problem that means that you are strong, then to have the strength to overcome it then to me you are indestructible. So, in the end, I guess struggle is a very good thing.

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