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Behavioral Issues Since Covid

May 31, 2022
By dkrishna BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
dkrishna BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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Imagine sitting in class and seeing a kid using their phone during a test. A little bit later, the teacher starts walking around. When the person is trying to put it in his pocket it falls on the floor, the teacher asks him why he has his phone during the test and gives him detention. After he receives detention, the student begins yelling at the teacher saying that they didn't teach him half of this stuff. With this, the teacher gives him a 0 on the test for yelling at them, and the student storms out. This is the kind of thing that happens every day at schools across the globe.

Behavioral issues are currently on the rise as detentions and suspensions have been going up all over the country(Tucker). An example of a behavioral issue is using your phone without permission. This shows that some students are starting to become addicted to their phones and chromebooks. This isn't good because if students are addicted to their electronics they aren't going to study at home and as a result, their grades will drop. Another behavioral issue right now is cheating. When kids were virtual, many kids took advantage of not putting in effort and told their parents to do their work for them or cheated because there was no way for the teacher to know if you had another tab open using a calculator or an outside resource. Now that we are back in school it is a lot harder to cheat and since students are behind because they were cheating last year they didn't understand anything this year. Because of this, they have to cheat but a lot of them get caught. A lot of kids now have to learn what they didn't do last year because they cheated and now they have to work hard and make up for it. Instead of creating more behavioral issues and trying to cheat again this year. 

In conclusion, behavioral issues are on the rise as people are cheating and using devices without permission. If you are a student that is distracted or is cheating make sure to put the effort in because otherwise, you won't do well on more important tests like the SAT and ACT.

The author's comments:

I made this for English class and I hope you enjoy it.

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Great writing!

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aarav0116 BRONZE, Morrisplains, New Jersey
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on Jun. 7 2022 at 5:18 pm
SaroshP BRONZE, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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This covers your topic really well