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Memories or Euthopia?

January 16, 2011
By Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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My opinion is that we should allow the memories to go to the rest of the people in the community. Just imagine what a relief it will be to live a life with happiness and memories knowing that your parents were kids and you actually had grandparents. The community would be whole again. Yes it will take some time to get used to it, though the people would be able to make their own choices by themselves. They will still need a leader but not controlling their lives without feelings but with a person who is qualified for it and patient to listen to the people’s needs.
You may say what about all the pain, suffering and questions they will have of how they live now and before. Well that is why we are here to help them with the all the reasoning. Let me remind you nothing is perfect but nothing is awful as well. Besides not all memories are awful you know. Sure they might be a tad bit shocked but who is not. Anyway imagine of all the things they may learn about how the world used to be before all these rules. You will feel as if some of the most ridicules things to fight about were actually nothing. People will now be able to have an opinion on what they will wear. Also the beautiful colors they shall see.
The pain will show them wisdom on making their own decision on why we respect people’s differences. The reason why people have feelings is because of memories. You may think our world is perfect but news flash it isn’t. For example killing a baby just for being a bit troublesome? Now if you had learned history you would know that never in that time will they ever do that in their own community. It is just cruel to do that. Also making decisions for them is scary but they will learn by time that it was a good decision on the rules we made and the reason why we gave them the memories.
Besides having memories is the reason we have brains because if you have no memories you’re having no knowledge or feelings. You would be like a machine who looks exactly like a human; a robot for example. So if we do nothing this is how exactly we are going to be with the givers having the pain not of the memories but the loneliness. That is what memories are for, that is why the Old always tell you how their life used to be when they were young. Though I am not saying that you have to take away the rules just loosen up a little bit.
So you see I am not saying that it would not be easy but do you now see my point on how it is not fair. Would you prefer to have a life with no knowledge or feelings of happiness since you never knew what sadness was, or how to cure sicknesses because you never actually known who had cured it. Of course you may have the perfect life sure but with now appreciation of what the generations done before us since we knew nothing of what it felt like to be poor and live in an awful neighborhood just trying to survive the next day. It will not only give them choices on what to do in life but to also appreciate life every minute of it just like the many generations before us wanted us to be. That is why I would want the memories to be released to the community and people.

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My English teacher in the 6th grade made me read the giver. Then she gave us questions and told us pick the one you like best. I picked " What would you prefer Memories or Euthopia and why?"... This is what i Got 4 years later :) Hope you like it.

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