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Yellow Journalism

November 29, 2011
By Matteoscher BRONZE, Chestnut Ridge, New York
Matteoscher BRONZE, Chestnut Ridge, New York
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News Papers make false claims. They exaggerate stories. They have personal opinions, spread rumors and we believe every word of it. First, they lie about themselves calling them selves “fair” and “balanced” and “honest”. Next their little foot soldiers find a story and conjure it up to be World war Two. Usually, the soldier whose story is most revealing and shocking ends up on the front page. Most of the time, it is a Murder or something about a war. They’re always accompanied by some horrid picture usually of people running through the streets with guns paying no mind to the middle aged American man taking pictures. When they do mind, and a writer or photographer is captured, it is on front page of every paper and the headline reads JOURNELIST MISSING AFTER WALKING INTO WARZONE! Worst of all the men and woman that sit behind desks actually have opinions and they appear in there writings. They are supposed to bring us the news not adds their opinion. Opinions are for reviews which they also has a large section. But worst still is that a large part of the news is False!

The human being enjoys news. Older people read the newspaper, middle-aged people check online and teens read the tabloids. When controversial news is printed it is sure to get attention and be spread because so many people read it. However the news can also have a slight opinion and can point people towards a certain direction. This all has a name, Yellow Journalism.

The name and art of Yellow Journalism dates back to the 1890s when the top newspapers in America were the “ New York World” and the “New York Press”. It was started to boost circulation but many bad things have come of this. One of the biggest in recent years being the War in Iraq but the first war it caused was the Spanish-American War.

In 1895, the Spanish controlled Cuba. When a rebellion broke out, horrific stories of Spanish Brutality and torture dominated the front-page most of them inaccurate. Cuba however was going through a depression and because of the rebellion many Cubans were in concentration camps. So the U.S declared war on the Spanish with the cause “to free the Cubans” and the papers took the credit. The U.S won the war in two months and gained Puerto Rico a small island. Guam, a smaller island and the Philippines, which they lost in the Philipino American War a year later. The newspaper helped the events that took place.

The Newspaper is a not necessarily a bad thing but a powerful one. It can spread four kinds of news: good, bad, true, and false. It manipulates the minds of many and its strength and force can control the out comes of the world for words are a powerful thing.

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a piece i wrote on yellow journlaism

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