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High School Importance

March 2, 2015
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High school, its the place where most go in as immature children and come out as adults. What is it that makes high school such a stepping stone in life and why is it that not going through high school can affect what happens when you get older? Is what we do today really as important for our future as people say? How much do teens really change throughout high school? All questions that many high schools may indeed think about. All question to be answered.

What is it that makes high school such a stepping stone in life and why is it that going through high school can affect what happens when you get older? The honest truth is simple, you need to go through high school to learn the fundamentals of life and helps you to enter the real world. You learn to be more responsible with the “freedom” you get in high school. There are two main things you get from high school that make high school a stepping stone in life. “ 1. Education- High schools provide the basic education necessary for students to be successful in the next steps of their lives 2. Socialization- High school teaches students appropriate behaviors and reactions to situations that are stressful. It is an environment where most things are predictable (the bell schedule, receiving homework, general responsibilities) and lays a framework for a student's future expectations of life and career/college. Fears of mine for students who do not complete High School: The GED test has lower passing rates than it ever has in the history of our country... Meaning it is very difficult to obtain a HS equivalence without actually graduating from high school Students who drop out of high school have done so usually because they have become frustrated... what happens then when they become frustrated at work?” ( Quoted from HIgh School Teacher) the main point in what you get from high school is that its what you need to set up your life. High school dropouts make an average of 200,000 dollars less than a person who graduates high school: It has been also shown that 75% of all crimes are the responsibility of high school dropouts and that alone shows how much going through high school can affect how your life could turn out.

Is what we do today really as important for our future as people say? “Yes- getting through high school is a stressful and difficult process- but it builds resilience, communication skills, and an educational base that is necessary for students to then adjust to adult life.” (Anonymous) You get  more in high school than just an education, you get communication skills, responsibility, and how to deal with stress in a work environment. How hard you work in high school will help you get in to a good college and then on to getting a good job. “Without the basic knowledge of concepts and skills learned in high school, one will find it hard to be successful and have a career. High schools are preparing students to grow and function within a civilized society. High schools aim to give students a well rounded education in many subject areas. High schools approach educating kids in a way that will prepare them for college or a career. Education is a valuable commodity that many people take for granted. Many students don't realize how limited their future options would be without a high school education and diploma.” (Anonymous high school teacher). High school prepares young adults for the real world and for what is to come ahead in life as said in the statement above. The bottom line if you work hard now and maybe go through a little bit of suffering like doing home work and not playing your favorite new video game or the watching the latest movie will improve your chances for getting in college and help to shape the kind of worker you will become.

How much do teens really change throughout high school? “Teens change SO MUCH through high school and their early twenties. I feel that people continue to be shaped by their experience through their whole lives, but the most drastic changes seem to happen from 14-21. It is a difficult time for most teens, but in the long run, these experiences are critical to becoming a strong, mature young adult.” (Anonymous) high school is where most teens mature and realize how important an education is. There are how ever students that don't realize how important learning is and how it can make a change in how their lives will turn out. Students grow through high school along with their friends, that makes their friends and how they view school a big factor on how students grow in high school. Because some grow more mature and some people dont. High school is not just a place to learn but a place to grow.

High school is hard but getting through it makes life much better in the long run. Even though at times it sucks you gain more than just and education. High school is a stepping stone, it's important for your future and it's a place for students to to grow into young adults.

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What inspired me to write this was my friends and the people around me who don't care about school and dont see the importance of it. I want to share my thoughts on high school and why its importaint.

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