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History Is Important

March 19, 2015
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Do you ever wonder what effects history has on what goes on today? Why learning all of it is important? Well During Roosevelt's New Deal there were many programs made. Through the programs many places and buildings were made. Some of which are still up and running today. One of which is the Mount. Airy Forest.

The Mount. Airy Forest was established in 1911. It was named one of the first Urban Reforestation Projects in the U.S. The programs that help through the project were the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Work Projects Administration (WPA) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). The CCC provided most of the “Man Power” so to speak to the project. The project of Mount. Airy Forest consisted of the building of railroads, trails, buildings, and walls that did not begin till the Depression. The Forest was said to be done by 1956 but was continued with building and making things better.

The Uses and reasons for the project were fairly simple. They wanted to have a recreation area for the CCC workers and another use was that the project gave many jobs to people through New Deal Programs like the CCC. The reason for the project when it was started seemed to be nothing more than to give social and educational activities to the public. And to rebuild lost forest area. Simple but do make an impact on the world around them at the time. It not only help people connect with the nature around them but give jobs to the people in need.

lastly the uses for Mount. Airy Forest today. The Forest still provides jobs just not the same as when being built but the same simple uses apply. The Forests main use is still used for recreational, social and educational activities. It still is around to help people enjoy the nature around them.

As can be seen history and what happens in the past affects the future and what happens today. From something as small as a forest made for people to enjoy nature to the last impacts of wars. History plays a part in everyones life. The programs of the New Deal helped to shape the world we live in today.

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