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A Day in the Life of an Eighth Grader

May 4, 2009
By Jasmine Wooten BRONZE, Inglewood, California
Jasmine Wooten BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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You know it’s funny what you see at school:

Make-ups and break-ups, friend-ships and hook-ups, and all that jazz. Haters want to hate, people want to be, loved by one another. And that’s cool and all, I’m just not one to be already planning marriages at 13, you dig?
Sure, I like people and whatever, cause I’m a girl and we do tend to like boys. Unless…yeah I’m not going to touch on that.
But people want to cry about it and then hate each other or just plain old avoid people. I’d rather be friends with that person, even though it’s hard enough NOT to be mad at whoever you like because you think they like someone else.

And there are cliques and social groups, even though no one names them, people are loosely fitted into categories:
Alpha males, alpha females, and the betas.
The smarties and the people who even when you look at them they get on your nerves. And people just float around from group to group, although they mainly stay in one category.
It doesn’t matter whether you are white, or black, or Asian, or green, or whatever; you want to fit in. Or maybe somewhere deep dark inside your mind there’s a voice that says “Hang with them” or “Go associate with them” or something like that.
Personally I really don’t care as long as I have me and 3 or 2 people to stick by me.
Stab me in the back and you got to GO.

Teachers. That’s just something I can’t explain without getting into trouble. They give you SO MUCH homework that they probably don’t even know you have essays and papers to write for other classes.
This is how it rolls in high school…
Yo, have you BEEN to MOST of the high schools in LA? Why didn’t you start out with all this piling of work in the beginning of the year, instead of 5 months left in the school year?
I don’t know about you, but maybe its just homework that’s messing with me.

But school is a rock in a hard place. Especially 8th grade: you want to be with somebody, you want to hang with somebody, and you don’t want homework. It’s jut not gonna hang like that.
But it’s what I want to be.

The author's comments:
I wrote what i thought. This all spilled out of my head at teh same time so i tried my best to make sense. Then i edited it. In the famous words of William Forrester "first write with your heart, then write with your head".

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