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I love that dog

April 13, 2009
By RainWashed PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
RainWashed PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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My heart was rushing with excitement when we pulled up the new Saratoga Springs home. I knew that my future dog was awaiting me in there. My mom, who was 30 at the time with her short cut blonde hair, was driving the car, the white Acura. She was just as excited as I was and I could tell. She was the first to open the door. She knew this future dog of ours was going to be a lap dog, her lap dog she thought.

My aunt Becky was sitting passenger besides Mom. Her dogs were all mellow and calm on my lap. I patted Ozzy on the head. They were Boston Terriers and in not too long I was going to have one of my very own. Madi, my twin sister, sat next to me looking very, very happy for she knew what was going to happen also.

We all walked up to the very big door and pounded on it. I couldn’t contain my joy, I was so excited. I was all jiggery and appeared to be on Ecstasy. I was that excited. The family opened the door and the littlest Asian girl looked sad. There was five children and five puppies, one for each of the children. That meant that we would be taking one of the children’s animals.

They invited us in and the puppies swarmed us. I was overjoyed and grabbed every one of them. I remember seeing the tiniest of the litter and thinking, he might die and that’s why we shouldn’t get him. I know it was strange but that’s what I thought. I didn’t want an unhealthy dog; I wanted one that would love me just as much as I loved it.

It came down to two of the puppies, both female. But one out of the two and issues with going to the bathroom so we held off that one and got the one that was named Jewel. Mind you we didn’t keep the name, in fact, Mom said, “What do you want to name her?” right in front of the family. Now Jewel was the youngest girls pooch and she said, “Her name is Jewel.” And with that she started to cry.

We left shortly after that in a hurry. I remember fighting over who got to hold the new born pup and I won. I got to hold the puppy in my arms, she was mine indeed. I held her and she climbed up to my shoulder and I held her like a new born babe. That’s when our story begins.

The first night we got her we let her sleep in the bathroom next to my Mom’s bedroom so she could check on her. Her name was now Zoe. She was the cutest puppy with her under shot and her cute little chompers hanging out. I absolutely loved that dog.

After we got her a kennel she started to cry in it. I could hear her bark from upstairs in my room which made my heart sink. I loved that dog like a kid and I went downstairs and retrieved her. I carried her up and let her sleep in my bed.

She slept in it like a human. She had her head on my pillow and the blanket up to her neck. She loved that bed. That’s one of my fond memories with Zoe, her and my bed. Every night from then on she slept with me.

She would cuddle up close and snuggle up warm with me and I just snuggled back. She was my favorite dog and she continues to be. I love that dog, I love Zoe.

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