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Happy Birthday

June 2, 2009
By Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
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In the end we will not the remeber the words of your enemys, but the silence of are friends.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

There Leaving. A month of watching my tongue, of trying hard not to fight is over. Their bags are packet, and there shoes are one. Were saying good byes, the next time I’ll visit them is if my aunt gets married. She has a baby and they don’t want to get married. And the next time they come visit will most likely be when I get married. Wouldn’t count on it, they didn’t come to my mum and dads. There own son, first born, and they didn’t even come. There going back to England, and were staying in America. I wish my nanna and poppa had come for a month. There my Mum’s parents and they love me. Unlike my dads, I bet your thinking I’m just bitter. But there first date to leave was April 24th, a day before my birthday. My mum asked them to change it, she was shocked. So they did, but there leaving to day. We say one finale good bye. The next day they call to say they got home safe, I’ll tell my grandfather I love him. He will not say it back, instead he’ll say okay bye. There in the car, and my dad who’s driving them kiss the top of my head

“ See ya later, birthday girl.” You see they didn’t leave the day before my birthday the left the day of it. There first born grandchild that they will not see till I’m eighteen. So I wonder why they came, why my grandfather didn’t say he loved me. But after fifteen years of wondering why they never loved me, I’m done. I relies my nanna and poppa love me, think I’m special, care about my happiness. I don’t want them in my life, but at least I’ll remember there last day. My fifteenth Birthday.

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