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Magic Elizabeth Narrative

October 24, 2022
By KrrishaPatel BRONZE, Secaucus, New Jersey
KrrishaPatel BRONZE, Secaucus, New Jersey
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          “Ding Dong!”, Sally was standing on Aunt Sarah’s doorstep, carrying all her bags. It was a beautiful summer day, and there was a soft breeze blowing on Sally’s face. 

          “Sally, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Aunt Sarah said as she opened the door to let Sally inside. “I will show you to your room. It is actually Kate’s room, but she is at summer camp, so you can use it. Don’t worry, it isn’t that messy. Also, what did you put in here, your bags are so heavy.”

           The inside of the house was just as terrible as is it looked on the outside, there was dust all over the place. It seemed like someone was living in the attic, because the windows keep opening, while Aunt Sarah is downstairs. The house looked like no one had cleaned it in a million years. Once Sally saw the room she was sleeping in, she felt like she was going to scream. There were crumbs all over the floor, and it smelled like dirty odor. Clothes were scattered all over the floor, and the walls looked like a kindergartener drew on them.  The desk was covered with ripped up paper and chewed on pencils. Also, the closet was filled, so there was no space for Sally to put her clothes. Furthermore, there were even old gym socks on her bed. Sally thought, what could be even worse than spending two weeks, in an old, dusty house, and sleeping in a room that smelled like a landfill.

          Sally immediately got unpacked, and came downstairs for dinner. Aunt Sarah and Sally ate the pizza that Aunt Sarah cooked, just before Sally arrived. 

          Sally felt like she was trapped in an old sinister house, with only her aunt. She wished she was at home, so she could go to the pool and hang out with her friends.

          The next morning Aunt Sarah and Sally woke up bright and early, Sally couldn’t get much sleep because of the dirty odor in Kate’s room. After Sally ate the delicious pancakes made by her aunt, she was totally bored. She decided to clean up Kate’s room. While she was doing that, she heard a stentorian bang, coming from her attic. Sally decided to check it out.

         Sally climbed all the way to the attic, but she didn’t find anything but ripped furniture, a bicycle, and empty boxes. She felt like it was an enormous waste of time. Suddenly, as Sally was about to exit the attic, she spotted an old vintage metal box, behind an empty cardboard box. Sally cleared all the dust off of it, and noticed a design of three roses. She then opened the box, and in the box was a red envelope which had three roses on it just like the box. In the envelope was a clue and a key, but Sally didn’t know what the key was for, so she just put it in her pocket and read the clue.

          The clue said “Finding the first clue will be a treat! Look for something to eat.” Sally sprinted to the kitchen, and looked everywhere. Afterwards, she found a red envelope just like the one in the attic, in one of the cabinets. She opened it and read it aloud, it said “ Now that you’re fed, go and look for the clue were you lay your head.” Sally knew it was a bed, so she went to Kate’s room, and looked under her bed, but found nothing. Then, she looked under her mattress, but found nothing. Subsequently, Sally went to Aunt Sarah’s room, and looked under her bed, and found another red envelope. It said “The next place you’ll need to look is the place where you find a book.” Promptly, Sally remembered Aunt Sarah had a bookshelf in which she keeps all of her books. Sally went there and found her aunt sitting in a chair right next to it.

          “Hi Sally, sorry I was very busy today, so I couldn’t spend time with you. If you want to read some books, feel free to take any book you want.” Aunt Sarah said while Sally was looked for the next riddle in the book shelf.

          “It’s okay Aunt Sarah, and thank you for letting me stay here,” Sally said. She couldn’t find the envelope, then suddenly from the back of the bookshelf a envelope fell, because Sally kept shaking the bookshelf. She finally found the next clue, but she was too tired to figure it out, so she decided to do it next thing tomorrow morning.

          Sally woke up very early, even before Aunt Sarah, and she made bread for herself, and Aunt Sarah for when she comes downstairs. After, breakfast she read the next clue, “Don’t year the room apart! Just take a look at the art stuff.” On the way downstairs Sally saw a few markers and colored pencils in Kate’s room. She quickly rushed to Kate’s room, but found nothing. Then, she looked in the living room for art supplies, but found none. Sally wondered where could she find more art supplies. She went to Kate’s room again, and looked in her closet this time. She took a chair, and looked at the very top of the closet. She found a red pencil case, with three red roses on it. What’s with the three red roses, Sally thought. She opened the pencil case, and spilled everything out onto Kate’s desk. Attached to a red market, she found a little envelope. It was much smaller than the rest she found. She opened it, and read the next clue. “The next clue can be found, in a box with a musical sound.” Sally had a hard time figuring this one out. She looked in a radio, but found nothing. Regarding an hour of thinking, Sally remember that her grandmother gave her a small music box when she was only two years old. Her mom always used to play it to her, before she went to bed. Sally didn’t know where it was, so she asked Aunt Sarah if she knew anything about it. 

          “Ohh, yes, I certainly do, when were moving, you didn’t have any space for it in the boxes, or the truck. You had a lot of furniture, and the entire truck was filled, so you’re mom gave it to me. She thought you didn’t need it anymore, so it was okay. I don’t remember where I put it, I think I put it in the attic. Why do you need it Sally,” Aunt Sarah asked Sally.

          “ I just remembered it, and I just want to see it,” Sally replied, she felt bed for lying to her aunt, but she was going to tell her all about it after she found the treasure.

         Sally went to the attic straightaway, and this time she looked everywhere. She spotted the music box. It had dust all over it. After, Sally cleared the dust of it, she noticed it was red, and had three red roses just like the envelopes and the box which contained the first clue. She opened the music box, a little statue of a singer came out, and it sang a gentle, pleasant lullaby. Sally remembered her mom telling her that her grandmother, herself sang it. Her grandmother had the most beautiful voice ever, Sally could listen to it all day if she wanted to. Sally got too carried away with listening to the lullaby that she forgot all about the clue. She couldn’t find it in the music box. She then turned it around, and found a keyhole. Sally didn’t have the key to open it. Abruptly, she remembered the key she found in the box, that contained the first clue. She ran to Kate’s room with the box, and opened the drawer of her desk. She took the key and used it to open the box. “ It worked,” Sally yelled. 

         “What’s going on up there,” Aunt Sarah said.

          “Nothing,” Sally replied. 

          She nor her mother had ever realized the keyhole, before. In the music box, layed the envelope that contained the last clue to finding treasure. Sally was too tired, so she decided to find the treasure the next day. She put the envelope back into the box, and put the key and the box into a safe place. Sally went to sleep after she ate dinner.

          Sally woke up the next morning, the sun was blazing down outside it windows, the birds were chirping, she could even feel the she was going to have a splendid day. She got ready and went downstairs to eat breakfast, and quickly went back to Kate’s room. She locked the door, so Aunt Sarah couldn’t see what she was doing. She took the key, opened the music box, and read the final clue, “Looking for the final prize? Go where you can look into your eyes.” Sally knew this one, it was a mirror. She was extremely excited to find the final prize. She looked by the mirror in Kate’s room, Aunt Sarah’s room, and even all the bathroom mirrors. She looked by the big mirrors and the small ones, but found nothing. She read the clue again, but Sally didn’t know where to look. She even tried the attic. Where could it be, Sally thought. She decided to get help from Aunt Sarah, and she told her about everything.

          “ I found the box that contained the first clue while I was cleaning the attic. I searched for the rest with Kate, but we got stuck on the one music box. That one  was very hard, I cannot believe you already figured it out, and you’re on the last clue. I‘ll just finish my work later,” Aunt Sarah said, sounding very exciting.

          Sally showed Aunt Sarah the clue, and told her that she looked by every mirror she could find. They both looked everywhere around the house. They then lost hope, they began to think this was all a trick. 

         Suddenly, Aunt Sarah feel down, and Sally ran to her, because she was afraid that Aunt Sarah would hit her head on the wall, but she didn’t. Aunt Sarah just went past the wall. Sally couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought, if Aunt Sarah could, so she could. She tried going through the walls, and she succeeded.

         On the other side she found Aunt Sarah. Sally quickly ran down the stairs, and helped Aunt Sarah up. It was twice as dusty as it was upstairs. Sally nor Aunt Sarah knew they had a guest room, it was filled with empty boxes, blankets, toys, and a lot of other stuff. At the same time both Sally and Aunt Sarah noticed a giant mirror. They both bolted to it and looked all around it. Aunt Sarah noticed an opening in the back of the mirror, and told Sally. There was a note attached to the bottom. Aunt Sarah read it aloud, “ To find the treasure you have to put the correct item in the whole, but you only have one try to open it, or else……,” it didn’t say anything else. Sally wondered what would happen, if she put the wrong item in the whole. Aunt Sarah and Sally searched for something that could fit in the whole. Sally recognized the shape, and she knew she had something that would fit in the whole. Instantaneously, she remembered her clip that her mom gave her when she was little, it had a design of three red roses. Sally was wearing it right now, so she took it off and showed her aunt. “That’s perfect Sally, lets try it,” Aunt Sarah said as she took the clip and put it in the whole. Sally was really nervous, and thought about the note. The clip fit perfectly. The back of the mirror opened and the clip popped out. “ Yes it worked,” Aunt Sarah said. They both cheered.

           A small red treasure chest with three red roses popped out. “Open it Sally, you figured out the clues,” Aunt Sarah said, handing the treasure chest to Sally. Sally slowly opened the chest and found a letter and underneath the letter was a beautiful golden necklace. It had colorful gems shaped like hearts, and it fit Sally perfectly. 

           Sally read the letter out loud, “ This is a gift for you, Sally or/and Kate. I knew you would find this treasure. No one else would be able to find it because I gave you the clip. Keep this necklace, it was mine before, but I want you to have it. I love you both. From, your grandmother Elizabeth.”

           Sally and Aunt Sarah were so excited to find the treasure, then abruptly Aunt Sarah’s phone rang. “I have to answer this, it is from the owner of Kate’s summer camp,” Aunt Sarah said.

          “Okay,” Sally replied, admiring the her grandmother’s necklace which Aunt Sarah said she could keep. Sally went to Kate’s room straight away, to put the necklace in her bag, while Aunt Sarah went to her room.

          While, Sally and Aunt Sarah were eating dinner, Aunt Sarah told Sally why the owner of Kate’s summer camp called her. She said that there was a problem with the water in the camp, so they have to fix it. The camp is closed for this summer, and Kate will be coming home tomorrow. Sally was excited, so she didn’t have to sleep in Kate’s room tomorrow. Aunt Sarah said she could put a mattress in the empty room next to Kate’s room, so Sally could sleep there. Also, Aunt Sarah told her that her parents called and told her they are coming home early, so they will pick Sally up this Saturday, which is in three days. Sally was so excited. She knew she was going to enjoy her last three days at Aunt Sarah’s house. Sally went 

Kate’s room and went to sleep.

          Aunt Sarah woke up at 9:00 in the morning. She woke up Sally and asked her if she wanted to come with her to pick Kate’s up. Sally refused and said she will move her things to the room next door. Sally was excited to meet Kate so she will have someone to play with for the next few days. She walked to the room next door with all of her things. Luckily, the room was clean, and it didn’t have much dust. It was entirely empty, so Sally had a lot of space to put her things. 

          Once Aunt Sarah and Kate came back, Sally dashed downstairs to meet Kate. Even though Kate was her cousin, Sally had never met her before. It turned out that Kate was the same age as Sally, and they became good friends. 

          Kate introduced Sally to her best friend (also her neighbor) and the three friends all played games and had fun until Sally left. Kate was sad because Sally had to leave, but Sally promised to come visit her one more time before school starts. Sally turned out to have a good time at Aunt Sarah’s house after all.

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