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No tittle

February 23, 2009
By Allure GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
Allure GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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The only thing to fear is fear it slef

I scream out loud because I am confined in my mind. Help! I plead. Get me the easy way out before I have a painful demise. I try to live only to be the killer of myslef. I leave things for you to see and go beyond these fake smiles. But your satifsed with this allusion I give you. Mabye your afraid to go beyound because of what you will find. That I lied to you for so many years with fake happiness. Your afraid to find the true orgin of my scars. Your afraid to find it your fault. Mabye I am afarid

The author's comments:
Forgive all errors gramar and spelling alike.
It might not make sesne but these words form in my head when I was told that I wasnt fooling anyone

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